Try the veal (III)


Liberal whip Rodger Cuzner’s member statement before QP today. 

Mr. Speaker, we read in today’s news that Conservatives have finally come up with a plan to address poverty. The Conservative senators have a truly novel plan. They suggest that we simply shoot all the Canadian geese that are becoming a nuisance at their summer homes, and feed them to the poor. Given that this is a Conservative plan, I am surprised they have not suggested to raffle off handguns, let them shoot, and then let the poor people have the geese. 

We all know that Tory times are tough times, but where will it stop, squirrel burgers, pigeon McNuggets, gopher burritos, maybe beaver tails made from real beaver tails?

It may surprise Conservatives to learn that the Canada goose is recognized internationally as a national symbol of our country; it is not an anti-poverty plan. It is high time the Conservatives came up with a real plan to address poverty and unemployment during this recession.

Stop the silly goose games. The Conservatives have to get their ducks in a row and stop goosing Canada’s poor.


Try the veal (III)

  1. Goose has got to be the best hmmmmm! major league yummy!

  2. I thought miss Piggy already took care of that . . .

  3. I think I’m going to get banned for peddling smut.

    • You should repost the quip, minus the link. It truly is veal-worthy.

  4. …better yet, perhaps we could one up Jonathan Swift and plump up the flesh of poor children with pate de foie gras thereby producing suppler kid gloves with a higher lanolin content.

  5. A beer and popcorn moment indeed.

  6. Don’t laugh. Goose makes very good fois gras.

  7. Canada goose is delicious. If it weren’t so hard to hunt them, I’m sure you could sell it in stores food a good price. In other words, it isn’t garbage meat to be given to the poor.

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