Try the veal


Mike Duffy, comedian.

Duffy also roasted Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP leader Jack Layton, as well as the Jean Chrétien-era Federal Liberals’ sponsorship scandal — topics that left the audience laughing.

“What kind of work do I think Michael Ignatieff is doing? He works very hard and he is doing the work of three people — Larry, Moe and Curly,” said Duffy in a series of rapid-fire jokes. “What is the difference between a member of the NDP and a Liberal? About $500 of suit material,” went another.


Try the veal

  1. Who knew that all these years Duffy had an inner jerk dying to get out? I wonder who else he’s got hidden in there.

    • With all those fat folds, he could literally contain multitudes.

      • Often, the best jokes are the untold ones. This is especially true when alluding to someone’s look.

    • I don’t think that inner jerk was very well hidden in years past. It is flourishing now though.

  2. Also from the link posted above;

    “Duffy also offered some serious praise for federal projects such as Building Canada and congratulated Lemieux on the high rate of application approvals in the riding.”

    Well it is a Conservative riding… of course it is going to have a high rate of application approvals.

  3. Ba-Zing – as they say oh Duffman you are the best. 500$ bucks can also buy a lot of rubber chicken and you get to sit next to Iggy …

  4. Difficult to believe that this man was trying to pass himself off as a non-partisan reporter just a few months ago. At least that act is gone.

    • Word has it Chris Matthews from NBC’s Hardball will run the next election (either for rep or senate) as a Democrat.

      I guess Matthews has a trick up his sleeve in addition to a tingle up his leg…

  5. I was at this diner and he was actually REALLY funny. They didn’t include some of the really funny things he said in the article.

    For those of you making the fat jokes, Duffy actually began his speech by saying:

    “When Chatelaine magazine voted me one of the Sexiest 10 Canadians, Max Keeping said Duffy is actually TWO sexiest Canadians!”.

  6. And until a few months ago Mike Duffy was a senior journalist for CTV News. But I’m sure his biases against the Liberals were kept in check, just like they are by other professional CTV “journalists”. Yeah, right….

    • The Reform Party called, they want their soundbites back.

      • Uh, just to be clear sbt, I think Duffy is a partisan hack for the Cons (as are Fife and Taber on CTV). So many layers of sarcasm to dig through on the Maclean’s comment board…

  7. Yeah. He’s a card. Does he still tug his ear lobe ? Maybe not. He doesn’t have to do the “warm and cuddly for the masses” bit any more.

  8. “Duffy’s appearance was explicitly partisan and he delivered a speech about the historic achievements of the Conservative Party.”
    Well, that shoulda taken the duffester all of 5 minutes!
    Everyone’s partisan to some degree or other, but is ther anything more grotesque than a member of the press abandoning his/her fig leaf of objectivity for a seat with the gods?

    • Since when did the Duffman ever I mean ever claim not to be partisan – I mean really – he doesn’t like leaves!

      • See, and I have an image of Duffman(!) from The Simpsons in my head.

        I’m surprised I never made that connection before.


        • took you long enough as that has been a conservative joke for the longest time now!

    • Oh, thanks. Now I have the image of Duffy in a fig leaf stuck in my head.

      • Hopefully he doesn’t have it on his head.

        • Now you’ve gone and made it worse.

      • Doncha be slaggin’ the Duffster, he’s (was) a refutable journamalist.

  9. Ahem … the “party of your grandfather” Duffy was referring to was called the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, and it died when ungrateful, dissembling scion Peter McKay sold it down the CRAPper.

    I would have expected Duffy to notice that since he was supposedly covering national affairs as a working journalist when it happened.

    • Don’t worry. Progressive Conservative Blue Tories are as hard to kill as cockroaches. Believe me we keep trying.

  10. typical.

    that most unfortunate hater should be ashamed to appear in public; the blood of Dion’s career still drops from his weapons of mass dispassion. “out, damned spot”. but the stain remains the same.

  11. Ah yes, Duffy the hypocrite. Used to bash senators, their salaries and their perks. Didn’t take him long to fit in.

  12. Which member of the Senate reminds me of a nursery rhyme?
    Humpty Duffy!

  13. The CPC would really do well to sit him down – he’s a ticking time bomb now that he’s fair game and not the super-chummy old boy extraordinaire. The shtick that worked before is now a real liability.

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