Twins -



From CP’s wildly entertaining account of today’s briefing from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The prime minister’s spokespeople spent nearly as much time Tuesday pointing out personal similarities between the two leaders as they did discussing the issues to be raised Thursday.

“They really, at a basic level, have quite a bit in common,” said Harper spokesman Kory Teneycke. “They’re similar in age, both have young families, they’re both policy-focused intellectuals. Neither has been in elected office for a long time, when they became president and prime minister, respectively. And they both come from outside the political establishment.”

Indeed, the primary challenge on Thursday will be telling the two apart.



  1. I guess we all know who the evil twin is.

  2. ^ Good one.

    Since when is Harper policy focused?

    • didn;t he set five priorities upon taking office. though i am fairly certain he forgot about at least one.

  3. “They really, at a basic level, have quite a bit in common,”

    Except for the biggest policy blunder of the last three decades, the Iraq Invasion, it’s a match made in heaven.

  4. Listen-up, Aaron. Have you seen TheStrategist ™ in his swimming trunks? A spitting image of Obama, I tell ya.

    • Don’t forget the PM’s legendary dribbling.

    • Given that the US president has probably the second most chiseled torso of any world leader, I’m not sure it’s fair to hold our Pillsbury Doughboy-esque head of government to the same standard.

      By the way, 1st place goes to the prime-minister (cough) president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

  5. All the security dudes in town this week will be a boost to the local coffee shop economy. Lets just hope that Obama’s million dollar armor plated limo doesn’t fall into one of those Ottawa potholes on the way to the Hill.

  6. As someone who spent 7 years watching US politics up close as a diplomat in Washington, both of Canada’s political parties would find themselves to the left of either of the major US parties on the political spectrum. Given the fact that the Democratic Party platform is very similar to the Conservative Party of Canada platform I’d say that Harper and Obama are likely to have a lot in common on policy grounds.

    • What’ Conservative Party platform?

      • The imaginary one will do.

    • Possibly, but it’s likely that neither is very satisfied with their common policy grounds, and if they had their way would do things very differently, and in opposite directions.

  7. This is hilarious. The PMO crowd never look more detached from reality then when they try this kind of spin ; not to mention amateur. First off SH has been a political animal his whole life. He couldn’t say run a community outreach program anywhere, let alone Chicargo, for toffees. Obama is a comopolitan man with a hybrid ethnic background. Harper only left western Canada upon becoming PM, and is disinctly lacking in ethnic diversity. Obama is pretty much a liberal in his worldview, even if he has to walk a fine line as a US politician – remember the taunts of socialist from the republicans. Only on their religious views could they be said to have anything in common. For Harper that’s of no political account in this country, and Obama is hardly likely to start preaching north of 60. These guys are chalk and cheese. The PMOs attempt to ride on the coattails of Obama’s charisma is laughable.

    • What I find most surprising is that Harper’s staunchest allies and most articulate (or vocal) supporters having been consistently and virulently anti-Obama for a very long time. As in this article by Ezra Levant:

      They’re giving Obama a free ride. Their euphoria is a form of journalistic affirmative action. And when Obama loses — not for being black, but for being unready and ideologically extreme — the media euphoria will turn to national self-flagellation.

      Plenty of that floating around Harperland, if anyone cares to look. The similarities between the two being promoted now, whatever they are, are obviously recent innovations.

      • Ezra got a prediction wrong? Imagine that…

      • Good link. Ezra is one self -righteous jerk, who’s on the wrong side of so many issues he must feel like some kind of pariah!

        • I think he relishes the pariah status. You have to bear in mind that he has the emotional maturity of a 13-year-old.

        • No. Being WRONG on so many issues puts him right at home in the Conservative fold!

    • There’s a Northern resident for you, you guys don’t exist for us! – ahem…north of 49!

      • In point of fact, the majority of Canadians live south of the 49th parallel of latitude. Timmins and Rouyn-Noranda are south of the 49th. Very few Ontarians and Quebecois live north of 49.

        It’s a very loose figure of speech for the Canada-U. S. border.

    • they really never do…. exactly who do they think (accurately or not) is going to swallow whole on the Obama and Harper one in the same meme….. honestly?

  8. And they both come from outside the political establishment.

    Good gawd, did Teneycke’s nose grow when he said this. Harper has never done anything outside of the political establishment in his life. Even as a teen he was inside the political establishment.

  9. Surprised the PMO-ers didn’t break into song….”Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh lord why don’t we?”

  10. They say Obama is “cool” – do you really think Harper is cool? Good grief.

    They have a lot in common – kids. Duh, most politicians and leaders have kids.

    Age? In attitude Obama is his age – Harper’s at least 72.

  11. Do these people realize that Obama knows Harper is a hardline Gingrich/Cheney type neo con? Obama knows Harper doesn’t believe in climate change, Kyoto, carbon taxes of any kind, and is in the back pocket of dirty oil? Obama knows Harper doesn’t believe in government as an institution and his goals are anti government, small government, anti tax, and pro unfettered free market.

    Underestimating Obama is a occupational hazard in modern politics.

    The question the deep thinkers in our Nation’s Capital don’t seem to be asking is: “What does Obama want?”

    One thing they have in common is Chicago. One loves the city; one loves the University.

  12. Is this North Korea? Wow Harper obviously sees no upside to having the new President in town.

    Perhaps Obama will swing by Ian Brodies office and say ‘hi!!’

  13. Poor frustrated left wing nuts what with Stevie getting all the love from Obama – ROFL – PS: This conservative and staunch supporter of Harper has also supported Obama from day one along with quite a few others here out west so those that post otherwise only betray their lack of knowledge and obvious frustration (poor people just don’t get it). How much you want to bet that the next nanos poll after the upcoming visit might have a little bump of a surprise as it were.

    • Which candidate did you prefer in Turkmenistan?

      • What’s a Turkmenistan is that the new non fat Latte hold the soya and a dash of cinnamon at Starbuck’s drink or are you referring to the country and in which case if the latter what would the point be? … come to think of it never mind .. as the frustration is clearly showing.

    • “This conservative and staunch supporter of Harper has also supported Obama from day one along with quite a few others here out west….”

      I find that fascinating! So, you guys only admire non-partisanship, leftishness, openness, inclusiveness, political rhetoric based on hopefulness and not negativeness, aspirations, appreciation for differing points of view, etc., when it’s in SOMEONE ELSE’s country but not your own?

      • nope – just like driving canadian left wing nuts crazy – and deeply respect real players of the ultimate game such as Obama and Harper are. What people project onto Obama (his words) is their problem and what he really does can also affect us, therefore it would be remiss of anyone who takes their political junkeeism seriously not to be fascinated and pay attention to Obie and that’s just how it is.

        • Oh, I see, you appreciate Harper and Obama for their respective abilities to master the craft. Fair enough, both can play the game quite well.

        • deeply respect real players of the ultimate game such as Obama and Harper are.

          Huh? about the Harper part I mean. You consider him a real player in what sense?

          I’ll wait and see how the day unfolds tomorrow to see who the real players are in Canada. The way Harper is bending over backwards to limit Canadian access to Obama one might conclude that Harper is scared of losing control of the agenda and being up-staged by someone else…Any guesses on who?

          • Harper a real player = no doubt about it! Name one other PM in our or another country’s history that from a minority position has taken care of a shooting war in a foreign country ( televising the return of soldiers lost I wonder if Obama will let this happen?), outfoxed, outmanouvered and outplayed 3 opposition parties won a second term with only 12 seats to go for a majority (time will tell) defeated a premature attempt at a political coup and in the middle of the worst market crash since the depression won an election (completely unheard of) – now you harper haters can offer up all the usual stale old arguements of well it was really weak LPC leadership and well you know bla bla bla (rationalize away people)…. but the facts are staring you right in the face. I have little doubt that my boy Stevie is just beginning and that whenever he does hang up his hat he will have made a serious mark in our history as a ‘ Real ‘ Player and that you can take to a canadian bank! I think that after tomorrow you are going to see my boy Stevie treated as almost as an elder statesman and mentor to Obama (this will really drive left wing nuts crazy) after all look around the G20 and world stage … what do you see = a lot of new faces out there but wait a sec there there is a familiar face .. yes it’s the the PM of Canada again still there knows everyone and moves around the stage like a man on a mission indeed.

          • You admire him for his ability to play the game, that’s it. But his policies are horrible, he refuses/can’t answer for himself to the media or parliament, his government is borderline incompetent, visionless, etc. He would be better in an advisory role to someone with a more progressive vision, you know, the ‘strategist’ guy sitting around the table who only thinks in partisan terms and can offer really good advice on hard line tactics to out-snooker the other parties, but little in the way of anything productive or in the broader public good. He’s a backroom guy, that’s it. And Real Player sux.

          • wayne
            You really gotta stop drnking yr own bathwater. And i recommend a little perspective. When Steve’s world does come crashing down all we will be able to hear is a collective sigh of relief, from coast to coast to coast. [ ok maybe they’re gonna have a little indigestion in AB for a while ] The only other audible thing will be Wayne, quietly crying in his beer on the island. Look on the bright side though, you’ll still be living in god’s country, and I’m sure Michael will be out to cheer you up from time to time!

  14. Oh hey, Kory Teneycke, you forgot to mention that they both have the letter R in their names! I mean, for the President it’s in his first name and for Harper it’s in the last name but close enough right?

    The thing about Harper is if he was actually like Obama, as in committed to uniting the country instead of being chronically disposed to trying to divide everyone for partisan gain, he might actually stand a chance of winning again in the next election. What a joke our PM is. Comparing himself to Obama. Nice try Stevie. No one is buying it.

    Enjoy your last few months in office. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Funny thing is Chris – everything you just said was said before many times and yet there he is still seated as PM and we shall see come this winter whether or not your prediction holds as well as the others (not likely though if viewed from a dispassionate perspective)

    • Other similarities that the y forgot to mention:
      – both are human males
      – bipedal
      – anglophone
      – don’t t like the sound of nails on a chalkboard
      – only eat the flesh of oranges, and NOT the peels
      – say ‘hello’ when they arrive, and ‘good-bye’ when they leave
      – try not to talk with their mouths full

      Why they are just bosom buddies, aren’t they.

      • Also:
        -both are carbon based life forms
        -both are technically heads of government
        -both were born outside of the continental US
        -both are taller than average
        -both appear to genuinely love their wives
        -both like cats
        -both are mediocre dancers
        -both collected Spider man comics in their youth