Two more departments decide to cooperate with the PBO


Transport Canada and CIDA have now contacted the Parliamentary Budget Officer to indicate they will providing the PBO with information on budget cuts.

Colin Horgan notes that some major departments haven’t yet been heard from, but the sense yesterday was that all departments will be cooperating.

Update 4:05pm. The PBO has now posted correspondence with Statistics Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Labour, Industry Canada and Natural Resources Canada.


Two more departments decide to cooperate with the PBO

  1. Is someone going to ask the obvious question, why did the govt think it was wrong for the PBO to see the books in the first place?

    I hope the media isn’t going to collectively sigh…ah…at least they’ve done the right thing, that’s the main thing isn’t it?

  2. Operation Drag This Out to Avoid Court but Still Control Information Shared.

  3. Wow…they’re all rollin’ over and turnin’ states’ evidence. How many ya’ figger will cop a plea?

  4. They’ve merely said they’ll file. It remains to be seen what they actually disclose in the way of meaningful data..

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