Two or more


Of appointments to the Immigration and Refugee Board, Jason Kenney told the House on Tuesday that, in fact, he was aware, he thought, of two appointees, out of a total of 140, who had “any association with the Conservative party.”

The NDP says they’ve found one former ministerial advisor, four former Conservative candidates and nine party donors. The Citizen puts the total at 16.


Two or more

  1. I don’t think people should automatically be disqualified if they have Conservative ties.  A more interesting question (which I haven’t seen answered) is whether those appointees have direct experience dealing with issues that the IRB encounters, or is mandated to deal with.  The issue, with this and all governments, has always been appointing unqualified individuals to plum posts simply because of their political connections.  No government at any level (that I know of) has ever moved to make these sorts of appointments merit-based.  Because of the lack of direction legislatively to base these appointments on merit, they inevitably become plums.

    • True but it would be nice if someone, some adult in the Harper caucus, would actually take some responsibility for their actions.

      • Or just be honest from the get go.  Their first impulse is to lie. 

  2. ‘…Only two people he has recommended for appointment had Tory ties, he (Kenny) said…’So the Citizen came up with a list ‘proving’ a whopping 11% of appointees had Conservative connections…. that should get Bob Rae to turn purple in the House!Oh, and on the Dipper list of contribution to this earth shaking revelation,3 persons are not on the IRB list, and the donors contributed ‘small’ amounts.

  3. Uh. Hardly news that Kenney is clueless. I’m not sure what the story is here.

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