Two recounts -

Two recounts


There will be two automatic recounts—in Etobicoke Centre where the Conservative candidate beat a Liberal incumbent by 26 votes and in Nipissing-Timiskaming where the Conservative candidate beat a Liberal incumbent by 14 votes.


Two recounts

  1. Maybe 2 seats down. It's not much, but it's a start. Maybe now is the time for the true majority of Canadians to make noise about Contempt of Parliament and other charges against the Cons.

    • So right off the bat, you're choosing to have a miserable four years? Good luck with that. And kudos on the "true majority" thing – if you can't win for real, at least you can always brag about how you might have maybe possibly won in a completely different electoral system from the one we actually have, right?

      (Also, we're not Chicago or an ex-Soviet republic. Don't expect extra ballots to mysteriously appear and save the left-most candidate.)

  2. Wow. Overly defensive much? I expect all sorts of maneuvers from the same old same old. I also expect for us to learn from our mistakes, and our neighbours mistakes. I know I expect too much. For years people have decried our electoral system. For years pledges have been made to correct it. For years it remains the same. It doesn't matter what colour you wear, the system as it stands is wrong. Oh and I am not choosing to have 4 miserable years. I am with the 60% who did not choose this government. The 4 miserable years are not a choice.

  3. Because of the laws our great country has you are free to leave at any time if you don't Ike how we run things. Feel free to leave, because most people don't miss sore losers.