Uh-oh (massively ambitious research facility division)


Five days after the Université de Montréal didn’t get the $100-million Canada Foundation for Innovation grant it was counting on to build its new teaching-and-research hospital, a poll of the proposed hospital’s medical staff finds that a majority believe it will never open. The first piece of news isn’t necessarily fatal — the UdeM can simply re-apply for the next granting round, as applicants often do. The second piece of news isn’t fatal either, as long as all those doctors are wrong. One presumes there is more to this story…


Uh-oh (massively ambitious research facility division)

  1. Double uh-oh: McGill DID get the $100 million CFI grant. Good luck with that one, federal & provincial politicians swimming in the shark-infested Québec waters.

  2. Libertarian diatribe to follow…

  3. I have a very complex reason for why the windfall for McGill may not be good news for medical research, and I’m trying to decide whether to make it my print column this week. Generally when my print column is about the baroque intricacies of research funding, my readers do not weep with gratitude. And yet I may inflict it on them.

  4. Are your reasons more or less complex that the prime minister’s views on abortion?

  5. Two universities in the same city asking for $100 million in additional research funding at the same time? Seems like a lot, so it seems unsurprising that one of them lost the battle.

    I’d be surprised if we do not see any fall-out from this.

  6. My french isn’t so hot, so maybe this was addressed in in the Presse article and I just missed it, but isn’t the real concern that some of the 54% who don’t see the new hospital opening will up-stakes to another jurisdiction entirely?

  7. My reasons are equally complex, Andrew, but almost certainly less interesting.

  8. Keep on writing about research funding. It’s one of those important issues that needs coverage beyond the press releases for this or that grant.

  9. Paul, I may not weep, but the gratitude will be there.
    You do not require this reader’s permission. This reader does not deserve any powers of permission.
    With that preamble, you have this reader’s permission to inflict away.

  10. Inflict away. Those of us who do appreciate it will appreciate it a lot.

  11. Go Paul, go!

  12. I work in research land (for UBC) so I’m interested in your take on CFIs and more general topics related to investment in research.

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