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Uncle Jason


Kevin Libin profiles Jason Kenney.

A few years ago, Mr. Kenney boarded an entire family newly arrived from India in his Calgary home while they settled into Canadian life. “It gave me, for the first time, a real view of the immigration experience from the eyes of a family that’s landed without any previous connections in Canada,” he says. “I benefited from it as much or more than they did.” Today, the kids call him Uncle Jason.


Uncle Jason

  1. Awww, that’s touching. How sweet!

    Jason Kenney for Conservative Leader.

    Next week’s story: how Jason’s being taking Hebrew lessons to fully experience the Jewish experience.

    Week after that: Jason loves Chinese people.

    • I’m sorry, is it Anon or Inane?

  2. At least we’re not getting another Ignatieff post, we need the respite.

    • yeah like we haven’t heard enough about Flintstone Jr in the media lately either /sarcasm