UNESCO, Palestine and Canada


Speaking with reporters after QP yesterday, John Baird explained the Harper government’s response to UNESCO’s decision to accept Palestine as a member.

Canada is deeply disappointed by the decision taken by UNESCO. Canada believes the only solution to this issue is a negotiated settlement between the two parties. Under no circumstances will Canada cover the budgeting shortfall as a result of this decision and Canada has decided to freeze all further voluntary contributions to UNESCO … 

We believe that statehood is the product of peace negotiations. And a significant number of UN Security Council resolutions have said that. The last peace accord said that. We believe the two parties should negotiate a peace agreement and not seek unilateral action at multilateral institutions. We think that is the wrong way to go and we cast our vote against and we’ve signalled our disappointment and our displeasure by the two actions we’re taking.

Campbell Clark explains the math.


UNESCO, Palestine and Canada

  1. Belligerent blowhard Baird bloviates again

  2. They certainly do not wish to represent all Canadians. So off base with what we have stood for for decades.. Bravo Harper Team! Way to flush Canada’s reputation down the proverbial political toilet

    • Who’s “We?”

  3. Did he really repeat the exact same sentence twice?

  4. Good to see America’s mini-me is following its script.

  5. I’m curious to know if Harper has joined the US and European countries, including Britain, Germany and France, in condemning Israel for ramping up the settlement policy and otherwise retaliating for the UNESCO move.

  6. Baird, you speak on behalf of the State of Canada, but not on behalf of Canadians.

    I feel as if I cannot call this State my own anymore…

    • I didn’t realize that you previously owned Canada.  Who knew?

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