Upon further review


Say this much for Michael Ignatieff, whatever his previous position, he now is apparently quite okay with members of his caucus saying stuff like this:

“To all those brave men and women who have in fact objected to [the Iraq] war, we say bravo. We say welcome, you should be here in Canada. We’re asking again the Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney to do the right thing, to search his heart, to do what is right.”

To be clear, that would be Liberal MP Mario Silva applauding American soldiers who have chosen to leave the U.S. military as the result of a war the Liberal leader once endorsed.


Upon further review

  1. Here is one issue where I am sa completely schizoid ConservativeLiberal – (1) if you sign up voluntarily and then cahnge your mind and desert and ask Canada to take you in I don’t think you should be allowed in except for some very extenuating circumstances for the life of me I can’t imagine one … which means there wil probably be one. (2) If a draft is in place and you leave before your number comes up then this is a choice and a protest and you should be allowed in.

    • Nothing very conflicted about that, Wayne; it’s also the common-sense law of the land. People get deported to face prosecution on charges that are also crimes in Canada. Draft dodgers could stay here in the ’60s because Canada didn’t have a draft, ergo no laws against dodging one. The people whom some now call “war resisters” are in simpler terms deserters, which is the sort of thing any country has laws against.