Urban renewal


Jim Flaherty, today“The government does not have a program to fund sports arenas for professional sports teams. We’re going to stay away from subsidizing professional sports.”

Josee Verner, yesterdayMr. Speaker, I had the opportunity to speak to Mayor Labeaume at lunchtime. He told me about the agreement between Quebecor and the City of Quebec. That being said, public money remains the primary source of funding for the project. It is very important to point out that the project includes an extremely important urban renewal component, as recommended in the Rousseau report. I have had the opportunity to talk about the infrastructure with my colleague, and if the federal government can contribute under existing programs, it will help with road infrastructure.


Urban renewal

  1. Back door funding it is.

  2. The federal government made the right call not to subsidize sports arenas. Since the federal government is already contributing to hundreds of infrastructure programs around the country, I see no reason why roads near the proposed arena project shouldn't get federal help.

    It seems like a very effective compromise—Quebecor and Quebec's municipal and provincial governments fund Quebec City's arena, so Canadian taxpayers aren't footing the bill for any arena projects.

    Meanwhile, as a gesture of goodwill, the federal government makes a much smaller contribution to nearby Quebec City roads, just as it has helped fund road infrastructure in most cities under existing programs.

  3. Hey but make sure the "Economic Action Plan!" signs are in place first. And a nice big picture of Papa Stephen Harper wouldn't hurt either so PQ taxpayers know from which party the pork is coming from.

  4. The mayor of Quebec City is apoplectic precisely because the pork isn't being delivered. He called the federal decision not to fund the arena "suicidal".

    Whatever infrastructure funding happens will be a tiny fraction of what Quebec City wanted, though I'm sure it will be well-advertised, as you suggested. Think of it as a consolation prize with lots of pretty wrapping paper to distract from the fact that the real pork wasn't doled out in Quebec for once.

  5. So, are we opening an entire other round of Economic Action Plan! projects–or only for those cities putting in a professional sports arena?

  6. OMG the 25 year old Jihadis said NOT to the Quebec arena!

    Charest , Duceppe and Labeaume were refused the pork.
    The ROC will be very happy.

  7. I thought the deadline for infrastructure projects was well behind us.

  8. City streets: a federal responsibility.

    Today's spendthrift conservatives. Only outdone on fiscal irresponsibility by everybody else.

    Chretien! Martin! All is forgiven! Bury the hatchet and get back in there, won't you? Hell and high water are making travel plans!

  9. For Economic Action! Plan (the exclaim goes after the 'Action' Jenn_, tsk tsk ;-) yes, the deadline for new projects is past (although the deadline for completion was postponed to from March 31 to Hallowe'en — spooky?). But there are still all of the infrastructure programs under the Building Canada Plan banner that go until 2017, although the vast majority of those funds have been committed to projects by now, even if a lot of these projects haven't started/completed construction yet. But that's okay money can be reprofiled if the politicians are willing; there are cities that still haven't started the projects approved under the old 2003 Strategic Infrastructure Fund, the monies just got rolled into new allocations from the new Building Canada Fund (see Ottawa's LateLight Rail project).

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