‘Vague bromides’


While the NDP was pleased to see its motion pass the House unanimously, the Prime Minister promptly dismissed it yesterday as “extremely vague.” Worse than that, Stephen Gordon thinks the motion misunderstands economic reality.

Policy recommendations about employment should be based on a realistic assessment of current labour market conditions. And when you put things in historical perspective, current conditions are at least as good as one might expect after two years of recovery.


‘Vague bromides’

  1. Lol – perfect descriptions of the NDP – “extremely vague” and “misunderstands economic reality”.

  2. Along with “extremely vague”, the Prime Minister should have added “useless as tits on a bull.”

  3. Even though I was never a fan of the NDP, I assumed that they would mature slightly when they stepped into the role of official opposition.

    I was completely wrong.

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