Vancouver reaction -

Vancouver reaction


The Globe, Star, CBC and Postmedia review the proceedings.

Althia Raj surveys the post-debate discussion.

After the debate, the candidates said they were unsatisfied with Mulcair’s answers. Mulcair hadn’t been “clear” enough Topp said, while Dewar stated the Quebec MP hadn’t provided “enough detail.” “These aren’t just about superficial language or local issues, this is about the foundation of who we are,” Ashton said.

Nash, who told reporters she believes she will be on the final ballot with Mulcair on March 24, suggested he was holding a secret agenda. “I think that’s a fundamental question as a leadership candidate that he needs to answer, what direction is he taking the party, and I don’t think we got a clear response,” she said.

Greg Fingas updates his rankings. Rabble threads here and here.


Vancouver reaction

  1. “this is about the foundation of who we are”

    Why is everyone suddenly having an identity crisis??

    How about the future of Canada?

  2. Very amusing to see that now Mulcair is accused, along with Evil Lord Harper, of harbouring an insidious Hidden Agenda. 

    Apparently there are many monsters hiding under our beds.  Best not to go to sleep.

    Lefty paranoia knows no bounds.

    • LOL says the Con crowd still checking for ‘commies’ everywhere.