Variations on Budget 2010's crossroads theme -

Variations on Budget 2010’s crossroads theme


“Some would urge us to turn at this crossroads. Experience tells us this would eventually lead us backward.” — Jim Flaherty

“More than any time in history mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction. Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly.” —Woody Allen

“I got the crossroad blues this mornin’, Lord. Babe, I’m sinkin’ down.” — Robert Johnson


Variations on Budget 2010’s crossroads theme

  1. Twirling!

  2. And, no doubt, as they travel that long and winding road that ends at your door, they'll apply Yogi Berra's wisdom: when they come to a fork in the road, they'll take it….aargh!

  3. Flaherty stopped where the road sign said 'ducks crossing' and he's been waiting for that duck ever since.

  4. … fell down on my knees ….

  5. To be fair, this budget does involve a whole lot of indecisive sitting around and doing nothing; which is pretty much what you're doing if you don't turn at a crossroads….

    • But you could argue that the government has been sitting at a crossroad for too long and got hit by a truck.

  6. This is eerily similar to the plot line from Lassie Come Home. At least we're done with the 'firm hand on the tiller', and onto the 'long and winding road'.