Veil of piers -

Veil of piers


After scrumming on a pier in Iqaluit yesterday, Stéphane Dion did a streeter on a pier near Victoria today. John Ivison saw more or less what I did, and he describes it here.


Veil of piers

  1. What was the “more” and what was the “less?”

  2. Maybe Dion’s secret weapon is being people’s second choice. It worked for his awkward Liberal leadership run (Anyone but Iggy), will it work for his awkward federal election campaign? Who knows. If the National Post’s John Ivison says something positive about Dion, then you know something strange is going on.

  3. “Mr. Harper’s cheery optimism”


    the media employing dishonest straw arguments to shoot Harper down (suggesting our economy is fairing better than the US’ – which by all reasonable accounts is absolutely 100% true – is now “cheery”,

    it could have been written by the Liberal war room…..

    come to think of it, I believe the Liberal war room used those exact words just the other day ….

    today’s liberal media,

    breaching their position of trust posing as impartial purveyors of fact, while pushing their agenda,

    one “news” article at a time.

  4. far out.

  5. Does anyone think the green vote is going to come in at 6 to 12% as in the polls? I sure don’t.

    If a big hunk of greens defect on election day, we are looking at a Liberal minority.

  6. Ahhh,

    a liberal minority.

    Does anyone doubt Dion would implement his wacky carbon tax?

    Of course not.

    Which is why this little pause by the electorate is starting to dissipate already.

    Pausing to consider Dion at the helm of the government.

    Just what the doctor ordered to widen the gap.

    In the meantime, watch and enjoy the media frantically attempt to keep this a horse race.

    It’s gone from elevating cartoon birds to scandal proportions, to now the Globe pondering whether Dion’s 30 day “plan” was “good strategy or good politics” – one thing they know – it’s good.

    Oh, one more thing:

    Dion plagarizing nearly one quarter of his speech to the UN from….John McCain?

    Yeah, that’ll get barely a mention.

    You can take that to the bank.

  7. Oh my gosh…after the campaign they have run…with a policy people dont want…amazing…anyway, we will see what happens on election day.

    My bet, the liberal ground game is extremely soft. So either the true believers from the Green Party get the willies in the voting booth or the Grits underperform by 2-3% in their vote totals.

    does anyone really believe the Liberals will get more votes than the 2006 election? And more importantly do you think the cons will.

    If you think the cons hold their vote and the opposition turns out an equal number that gets split more then no matter what the polls say, there will be more con seats after the election than before.

    Interesting anecdote from the campaign trail though.

  8. Ivison’s ‘couched observation’ of Dion and his stance on the economy at least admits that the main difference on the surface is one of action. While Harper has labelled Dion’s initial proposal a ‘stunt’, one can easily be assured that the so-called CON leader’s as being a ‘shrug’.
    Let those who were given a trick two years ago on Halloween plus those Ontarian businesses and businesspeople who had to say, ‘please do business here!’ that Harper is no leader, nor is his fortune teller much of a stock adviser.
    Do you think she had input on his timing of his broken election date promise?

  9. Oh, and the observation of conservative talker Bill Goode on CKNW today was that he overheard former Alliance/Reform MP Ted White call into the Red Green show on the weekend and say not even he can vote Conservative these days. Apparently, Harper’s lassez faire approach even to conservative issues, like shrewd, cautious use of our tax dollars, has turned some of his own’s stomach.
    I think you need to address your own wounds before you start poking at the others.

  10. Dion’s plagiarism:

    more recent,

    far more extensive,

    and on a topic that is at the heart of his current campaign.

    The “deciders” in the media will determine that it shouldn’t be for the public’s eyes.

    Count on it.

  11. Joke: How do you know someone is hopelessly paranoid?

    Answer: They suggest that John Ivison is part of the “liberal media”. Admittedly, not a great punchline, but I was going for the “funny because it’s true” angle.

    Also, kody, for the love of God, will you please stop putting a space between every single muddled thought. This isn’t your grade 9 term paper and you don’t get extra points for how many pages you’re able to produce. Just try to act like a normal human being to the best of your ability. That’s all I ask.

  12. I apologize.

    I will get with the program and try to comment in a progressively “correct” manner that will not bring derision and ridicule from the Macleans group of commenters. How’s this:

    “Harper’s sweater, what’s up with that?”


    “Harper’s wearing a sweater. Nice try!”

    This one will do it:

    “Harper’s hiding his hidden agenda under his sweater.”


    new and improved, and more importantly,


  13. Ti-guy,

    I’m very lenient when it comes to evidence, you know that. But nothing grinds my gears like layout insubordination. Ooooh it makes me so angry!

  14. Talk about reporting: this is what I heard Graig Oliver say on Duffy’s show today:

    Oliver says (he’s talking about deficits) ” The PM has got them (the other party leaders) intimidated, .by..saying deficits are bad…..

    Dion, please, stand up, be the leader we need, please, don’t be intimidated. Tell the Canadian voters that deficits are good!

  15. Oh, it’s very much near the end of the clip, shortly after the 8 min mark.

  16. I don’t know what *hmpf* is supposed to mean, but I hope it’s some sort of guttural revocation of your prior slander. Big “L” no less!!!

  17. This is off-topic but I saw another ‘Stephane Dion: Not Worth the Risk’ commercial today and I wanted to ask you, Mr. Wells, about a remark you made during the U.S. primaries. You were commenting on the positive, hope-filled ads put out by both McCain and Obama and I think you suggested such ads might be prevalent in the next Canadian election. Have they been?

  18. Harper’s sweater ads gave me hope. Hope for a warm and cozy future.

  19. There are Liberal and Conservative leaning elements of the media, but that is not where the bias is, the bias is in whatever gets the media:
    1. access
    2. a story

    People are driven by interests far more often than ideology – especially when you are talking about whole industries which tend to employ a wide variety of personalities.

    In 2006, Harper provided both with daily policy announcements, and significantly greater openness to the media. In office, however, he stuck Sandra Buckler on the media, while gagging his ministers.

    Dion, for most of his tenure as opposition leader failed to get much sympathy from the media himself because he failed to offer an interesting story (apart from his honeymoon, and the green shift – which initially got fawning coverage). His uptick in the polls, of late, however, does offer a story the media would love (not because they are Liberals, but because it is interesting) – the derided and underestimated professor gains last minute traction and – just barely – becomes Prime Minister after a strong performance in the French debates and a “strong” response to the global economic crisis. And so Harper the arch-villain was defeated by the same low expectations he managed to exceed in 2006. Oh the irony. And of course it won’t hurt that there is no way Dion will be as tight-fisted as Harper was with the media (after all, it seems he can’t control his caucus at all). It also won’t hurt that any minority Dion might win would be EVEN weaker than Harper’s in 2006. Faced with a demanding economic crisis, there could be another election within a year.

  20. “Liberal.” is considered a sentence now? You’re missing a few requirements, if we’re gonna get technical.

  21. Robin, I actually think Olaf’s comment goes partway toward answering your question. The sweater ads were, to some extent, hope ads. I’m still waiting for a return to positive ads — a “deal-closer” would make some sense now, with footage of a leader delivering the sexy part of his stump speech, while inspirational music plays behind. McGuinty used one of those to cement his 2003 victory. Problem now is there’s a bit too much nervousness for either Harper or Dion to deliver a persuasive deal-closer.

    But in the main Robin, that one probably counts as an inaccurate prediction. I note that neither US candidate is running many pure positive ads these days.

    If Layton was neck and neck with Dion, a deal-closer to call the progressive vote home would make a lot of sense right now. If.

  22. Just saw a new Conservative ad on the TV and definitely aimed at women voters. No mention of the Conservative Party just a plain attack on Dion saying he’s not worth the risk. But not the most negative ad I’ve seen, I guess it’s a “nice attack ad” since it’s aimed at women in hopes of not turning them off the Conservatives.

  23. I don’t think that Dion did any kind of Lazarus here. Seems to me that the difference here is in the way press covers him. Quite a few pundits have found themselves eating their words after the debates and are now giving the man a second look.

  24. Interesting: Dion was up in Sidney, and we see it being referred to as “Victoria”. Sidney’s not Victoria. It’s in Victoria’s orbit, but it’s not Victoria. Confusing the centre of an area with the whole of an area.

    As an Alberta native, I find this immensely symbolic.