‘Very, very happy to be home’


Omar Khadr’s lawyer talks to the Canadian Press.

Meanwhile, Khadr’s lawyers told the Canadian Press that they are surprised by Toews’ statements regarding continuing concerns over the case. “We’re at a loss to understand why the government continues to demonize Omar and to stoke public opinion against him,” said lawyer John Norris. “We know him to be a kind, intelligent thoughtful young man who has tremendous potential and we know that he will live up to that.”

Norris said that the 26-year-old is happy to finally be back on Canadian soil. “He’s finding it hard to believe that this has finally happened,” Norris said after speaking to his client by phone. “His spirits are good. He is very, very happy to be home.”

Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae has released a statement.

“Omar Khadr’s return to Canada is long overdue. Mr. Khadr, a Canadian citizen, was a child soldier. It is extremely unfortunate that it took the Conservative government this long to fulfil its responsibility to bring him back to Canada.

Now Mr. Khadr will serve the remainder of his sentence under the supervision of the Canadian correctional system, and we can ensure that he receives proper treatment and rehabilitation.”

And a statement from the NDP’s Paul Dewar and Wayne Marston.

Today, the Conservatives ended nearly a decade of unnecessary delays and allowed Omar Khadr to serve out the remainder of his sentence in Canada. Canada is the last Western country to repatriate their citizens from the discredited Guantanamo prison system.

Mr. Khadr’s return to Canada was inevitable, yet the Conservatives chose to drag this process out for years at great cost to taxpayers. Their mishandling has hurt our relationship with the United States, our closest ally, and tarnished Canada’s reputation on the international stage.

Both the Supreme Court of Canada and the U.S. Supreme Court, based on the full facts of this case, have found that the military commission proceedings in Guantanamo violated both U.S. domestic law and Canada’s international human rights obligations.

Conservatives have previously faced court judgments against them for their mishandling of the case and failure to respect human rights.

The government should now allow Mr. Khadr to be handled by Canadian authorities in accordance with Canadian law, free from interference.


‘Very, very happy to be home’

  1. ”His spirits are good. He is very, very happy to be home.”
    Good spirits?
    Is Mr. John Norris referring to Mr. Khadr’s pet incorporeal being(s) or his stash of non-Halal alcohol.

  2. Khadr will be out of prison very soon. Be afraid, be very afraid. He will kill and maim again.

    • I ain’t afraid of no unlawful enemy combatants. Now that guy in Pembroke, Ontario who managed to pick the one non-vicious Pit Bull on the planet to bite repeatedly, now he scares me. Especially because I am typing this a mere 200 metres from where the alleged incident took place.

    • Oh stop with the nonsense.

      • Nonsense?
        Oh dear!
        You do not appear to me to be particularly thick, perhaps you are just not trying hard enough?

        • Fook off

          • Goodness gracious little man!
            Do you eat with that same mouth?

      • It’s nonsense to worry that a convicted murderer might murder again?

        • The logic of EmilyOne is a curious thing, my friend.The mind of our dear friend EmilyOne is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma and shoved up a dog’s bum!

        • Plea bargain as you well know…..by that time he’d have confessed to killing JFK to get out of there.

          Buncha hysterical wusses on the right might believe it, nobody else on the planet does.

          • “……Plea bargain as you well know…..by that time he’d have confessed to killing JFK to get out of there…….”

            Your grasp of the linear concept of time is suspect. By my calculations, albeit rather questionable as I am a girl, President Kennedy was relieved of his animated burden approximately 24 years before Mr. Khadr, as the Classic Maya would engrave, “Touched The Earth”.
            Careful when you open the Pandora’s Box of hyperbole, you never know what might fly out.

          • Not interested in your games, sorry.

          • My games?
            With you?
            Oh dear.This just goes to show the folly of teaching the pedestrian how to read and write.Though my word salads ‘appear’ to be addressed to you and the content of my dross might reflect the substance of your pixellated pixilations directly, what makes you think my comments are actually meant for your erudition?
            You are as Rossetti’s “Lady Lilith” herself my friend.

          • Posts addressed to me….as yours are…get answered by me.

            They won’t, however, now that it’s clear you’re crazy. Ciao.

          • It is for the best.
            The ego is indeed a fragile thing I am told.
            Though you do realise, however, nowt has changed.Right?

    • Be prone to baseless speculation, you mean. Be very prone.

  3. “Home” !!! How long has it been since the poor sap has seen anything
    resembling “home”. Of course, Millhaven offers all the comforts and
    mod cons , doesn’t it?

  4. And this just in…. Christopher Speer is still dead.

    • Sure. The American troops came rolling into the rubble with
      flowers in their hair and flashing peace signs. Clearly a
      battle-hardened 15 yr. old should have responded in kind.

    • And we still don’t know who killed him.

      • Ha! It wouldn’t by chance be the Islamist terrorist who plead guilty to it, would it?

        • Who knows. The only evidence is a coerced confession.

          • lenny thinks it might have been Bush that killed him or maybe Harper.

          • Either that or the other fighter whose existance the U.S. tried to cover up.
            But who needs facts that interfere with your preferred narrative? Certainly not folks like Rick and Andrew.

          • “But who needs facts that interfere with your preferred narrative?”
            Pot meet kettle.

          • Any evidence to back that up Orson? Or were you just hoping I’d add your name to the two I listed in my previous comment?

          • calling orson….Come in orson…

  5. I’m delighted he’s back…and Toews can go pee up a rope.

  6. Liberal Party hypocrisy and absence of shame clearly has no bounds. The Liberals could have brought Khadr home when they were the government. They didn’t. They did pretty much exactly what the Conservative government has subsequently done.

    Not to mention the whole Arar thing also happened when they were the government.

    • You can certainly make a strong argument they handled the file badly, but things became a lot more dire when it trickled up that Canadian agents had been involved in violating his rights and how bad Gitmo was.

      • Go easy on word-salad guy. He’s just realized how shameless the Conservative government is – though he isn’t yet able to express his anguish without invoking the Liberal Party as he’s pathologically compelled to do.

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