Veto power -

Veto power


The Globe and Reuters note one of the seemingly major changes in the Harper government’s “plan for responsible resource development.”

Under the current system, the government can stop a pipeline plan that the National Energy Board – the federal energy regulator – has approved but it cannot overrule a decision by the NEB to veto a project. That will now change.

An official document said Ottawa would “establish clearer accountability for decisions on major pipeline projects in the national interest by giving government authority to make the ‘go/no go’ decisions.”


Veto power

  1. Well I hope Harper isn’t planning any more wars, because our military will be otherwise occupied for the next few years.

    •  That will all depend on whether Obama goes to war when he wins his next term.

      •  It has nothing to do with Obama going to war….something unlikely to happen anyway

        • Canada doesn’t go to war without NATO, and NATO doesn’t go to war without the U.S. asking it to go to war.

          •  Sigh….all of which is irrelevent to this

          • I don’t think Yanni understands what you’re saying OE1. Probably need to draw him a picture.

          •  @12sally4:disqus

            Apparently!  LOL

            All I meant was that Harp won’t have the troops to be in any war….no matter who asks him….because they’ll all be in BC quelling the uprising.

          • I realized what you were saying, I was just saying the idea of Harper planning and initiating a war wasn’t very likely.

          •  @8070786956a13baf8e6aaa2a9db834d4:disqus

            You are much too literal. It’s a comment site, not a courtroom

    • Next up, Harper takes  personal command of the nation’s police forces…

      • And after than, manly pictures of a shirtless Harper wrestling polar bears.

      • Never pass the physical. Maybe they could leave behind to guard the doughnuts?

        • Steve will waive the requirement for  himself.  That’s the beauty of his style of leadership – he gets to make all the rules.  Besides, he’ll be running the operation from his desk in Ottawa.

    • Saw that one and i think you’re right, he seems more pissed over the lack of transparency [ he wasn’t told] than the fact the govt has loaded the dices completely in its favour.

      Let’s be entirely clear, this means if the NEB is persuaded by the people affected by the pipeline[ mainly FNs] and the people of BC who can be arrsed to go to the review; if they actually take no for answer just this once, then Harper can rule them out of court. I believe there is a word or two to decribe this kind of high handedness, one that more commonly describes folks with names like Gaddaffi or Putin.
      What’s next, cabinet oversight of SCoC decisions. 

      • “What’s next, cabinet oversight of SCoC decisions.”

        Of course! After all, their decisions, unlike those of his government*, are so arbitrary!

        *Potash; InSite; gazebo placement; military procurement…

        • And maybe Uncle Newt has been whispering in his ear …

  2. I`m sure the Conservatives feel they are securing economic prosperity for future generations, but really, they are going to hobble them with an “environment” that will create more health issues and thus increase their need of healthcare and an expensive “cleanup” that will drain the government coffers- thus ensuring the health care dollars simply won`t be there

     This is not “balance” and the people who voted this in will be the very people it helps the least

  3. Time to boycott the hearings. FNs should withdraw their welcome and participation in this increasingly farcial review. Let the tories talk to the hand…and leave the panel to put up with Ezra and his stunned tv news. 

  4. In 50 years time historians will look at the time between 2011 and 2015, when PM Harper had the foresight to release Canada from the stranglehold of repetitive and self-serving bureaucracy that were put in place by previous governments to placate a small number of their loud and ill-advised supporters as the beginning of our prosperous times. This was an ideal time for these reforms because of the majority held by Harper, the confusion of the opposition parties, and the support of Canadians in a stressed global economy.

    The prosperity in Canada in the 21st century which will be attributed to Canada`s first real reform PM will be in stark contrast to the present day American leader who lacks the courage of Harper to make the necessary changes for his country`s future. Obama is a prisoner to the whims of the left in his country. Harper has seen the desperation and silliness of the left here and he doesn`t even hear you anymore. 

    • I do agree with the last half of your last sentence.  Harper only listens to the voices in his head. 

    •  Leaders who don’t hear opposition tend not to be leaders for very long

    • Obama has a congress to stymie him; Harper is only limited by his own hubris and recurring incompetence.

      • Scary but true.

    • While you guys will continue to ” like ” each other, I trust there will be sufficient people out there to offer constructive criticism of the CPC government for the next ten or twenty years.

      • You’ve already come out and stated that Harper doesn’t listen.  So why would people offer constructive criticism, you know, nicely and gently while praising his exaltedness–like his cabinet ministers, who may do so from time to time in the secret confines of caucus.  They aren’t listened to either.

        Which brings me to my point.  Why are we bothering with the NEB at all then?  There’s a cost-cutting measure that makes perfect sense to scrap the thing altogether.  So why bother with any environmental protection boards or other boards or commissions of any kind, because once this thing passes it will be a good template for everything else. 

        Do you know if they’ve picked a date yet for the declaration of Dictator for Life?

        • Oh, Harper listens—he just doesn`t listen to left-wing bloggers and media.
          Why should he ? 
          You guys have spent the last 6 years going after his family, his integrity, his decisions, etc. 
          If there were any constructive advice coming from any of you guys, then sure he would listen, but the constant liberal bitzhing about the most weary points is too much to listen to.

          And no, we do not have a dictatorship. We have a democracy where the people voted in a majority government one year ago. Have you forgotten ?
          Not to worry—there will be a repeat performance in 2015–19–23 etc.

  5. At some point enough people to make a difference will realize that not only is our country being handed to Fascists but we’re paying for the laugh track that goes with it.  What remains to be seen is whether its before or after it involves shipping other people’s children off to an(other) oil war.