Vic Toews denies himself


The Public Safety Minister has apparently moved past trying to parse himself to simply denying the official record. Consider this exchange from this morning’s news conference on the long gun registry.

Reporter: The other question I have is maybe I misunderstood you yesterday but I thought you said that you never said what you said in the House which is you can either stand with us or with the child pornographers. Did you actually say?

Vic Toews:  That’s not what I said.  On CBC, you’re with CBC aren’t you?

Reporter: As of like 30 seconds ago.

Vic Toews: They played the entire clip of what I said.  It was very clear what I said.  I’ve explained it on CBC a number of times.

Reporter: I’m talking about what you said in the House of Commons and I heard you say at the news conference yesterday that you didn’t say that.  Did I misunderstand you?

Vic Toews: You just misquoted me again.

Reporter: No I didn’t.  I read your quote.

Vic Toews: I’m not going to argue with you.  What I can say is that what the internet has done is allowed a proliferation of child pornography.  This is an evil that has to be addressed by government.  We are bringing forward a legislative framework which will in fact deal with this.  This is a legislative framework that has been adopted by many leading European countries and simply brings Canada’s approach to dealing with this crime into a legal format that is consistent with those in other European countries.


Vic Toews denies himself

  1. Do we need to recite Hansard to him?

    “He can either stand with us or with the child pornographers.”

  2. Since he’s now demonstrably a serial prevaricator, it might simply be more convenient for him to say that, not only did he not say what he said, he isn’t Vic Toews either. And he wasn’t there.

  3. LOL not only is he denying saying what he’s recorded as saying….but now he thinks we’re a European country.

    Musta forgotten his meds today.

  4. Conservatives lie, it’s what they do
    They lie to me, they lie to you
    They lie when they say it’s about child porn
    Treating the voters with utmost scorn.

  5. Once again it occurs to me of how much better this government could be doing if they had the cojones to admit a mistake.

    Imagine if Toews had come out today and said “I’m sorry, I went over the line. I’m trying to do what’s right and what’s needed for our police forces, and got so frustrated at being constantly badgered by the opposition for doing that that I lost my temper and said something I didn’t mean, and shouldn’t have said.”

    Never mind that it’s all horse-crap.. if he’d have just turned and run with that as his theme today, he’d come out of this looking like the good guy who was put upon.

    Now he just looks like a dick.

    Which, on the bright side, is at least honest.

    • “Looks like a dick” is actually too kind.

      • Given the stuff coming out about him, he is now to be referred to as Vic “Deadbeat Dad” Toews..

      • ‘Always been a dick’ is more accurate. 

  6. “This is a legislative framework that has been adopted by many leading European countries and simply brings Canada’s approach to dealing with this crime into a legal format that is consistent with those in other European countries.”

    That’s new. Which European countries, specifically, have adopted a law that would allow police to unmask a pseudononymous internet commenter without a warrant?

  7. Hey some European countries have also decriminalized/legalized drugs, maybe we should do that too to bring our law & order in line with forward thinking Europe?

    • Hold on, I thought conservatives hold all of Europe in disdain? Now we WANT to be MORE European?

  8. “That’s not what I said.  On CBC, you’re with CBC aren’t you?”…

    ..”As of like 30 seconds ago”    [ I think i am? I don’t know minister? You tell me?]

    LOL  That’s priceless. Best bit of possibly unintended irony i’ve come across in a very long time.

    The next question is, i suppose: is his  claim that we are merely playing catch up with the Europeans factual…in that did they actually say what they said, do what they did, or dare we say exist anywhere inside or outside of any universe that the minister happens to be inhabiting today?

    • I was just over at vikileaks.  That Toews is one self-righteous hypocrite, isn’t he?

      • The self-righteous and the useful muppets seem to make the best CPC cabinet ministers.

  9. It’s the internet’s fault, so maybe we should ban the internet.

    • LOL please don’t give them anymore stupid ideas!

  10. Vicspeak: What are you talking about Evan?  We have always been at war with East Asia. 

  11. I really thought he was going to follow-up “You’re with CBC aren’t you?” with “We’ve been instructed to only give interviews to SunTV.”  Colour me disappointed.

  12. My current theory: Toews is being more ridiculous than usual on PMO orders, so he can get thrown under the bus to distract C-30 opponents, while the bill itself doesn’t change much. Blerg.

  13. It’s time to bring in the science-ish writer here for an article on spontaneous combustion. Can it really happen? Does the alternate universe that is politics in Canada provide the answer? Do we really need to spend billions on a tunnel for high speed collisions when we have Vic Toews?

    Let me be CLEAR! Is the answer is YES! Or NO. Do you support me or are you a child pornographer? Are you 65 of 67? Do you support abolishing the gun registry or do you like Hitler and what he did?

    It doesn’t matter what you say. We’ve been watching you. You either stand with us or the child pornographers. WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER?

    • LOL – it’s Joe McCarthy meets Monty Python. 

  14. “This is an evil that has to be addressed by government”

    Yes, Canadian law enforcement agencies are currently helpless in dealing with the activities of… wait, what?

    Sixty arrested in Ontario, just last week?

    How did law enforcement agencies ever manage to catch so many without the powers Vic Toews claims they need to catch child pornographers?  Is it possible the minister is… not being entirely forthcoming about the reasons for wanting to hand even more unchecked power to law enforcement?

  15. I thought Adultery was evil?

    • No, it’s just sinful.

  16. i didn’t know we were a european country

    if other countries were jumping off a cliff (because they are) you want to do it to?

    the cons need to learn a lesson about herding canadians: it’s like HERDING CATS

  17. How is this news?

  18. He probably oversaw a delinquent parent child support program when he was AG in Manitoba.  This would put him in the 4Star hypocrite category by me.

    • and this has to do with what?

  19. If Mr. Toews can’t even interpret his own statements, how can we trust him to interpret whatever data he gleans from dipping his toes in our personal history on the internet, cellphones, and presumably land lines that use internet connections? Since 83% of Canadians are opposed to the kind of internet spying law he has proposed, 83% of us are therefore already guilty of child pornography offences, which is in itself “just cause” for a warrant. And Vic Toews stated in parliament that he thinks torture is a useful method of extracting information when public safety is at risk. That’s considerable risk, with 83% of Canadians being child pornographers.


  20. Vics babysitter was only 15 when he started having sex with her

  21. Sick bastard.

  22. People voted for Vic and continue to believe his lies and hypocrisy.  That is the scariest aspect of this story.

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