Vic Toews is watching


The government has tabled its online surveillance legislation, now dubbed the “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.”

Holding up his BlackBerry, NDP digital critic Charlie Angus said the bill would undermine the privacy of average Canadians. “Now, every single Canadian citizen is walking around with an electronic prisoner’s bracelet,” Angus said after the tabling of the bill. “I say to Vic Toews, ‘Stop hiding behind the boogey man. Stop using the boogey man to attack the basic rights of Canadian citizens.’ Is Vic Toews saying that Stockwell Day supports child pornography? Is Vic Toews saying that every privacy commissioner in this country who has raised concerns about this government’s attempt to erase the basic obligation to get a judicial warrant, is he saying that they’re for child pornography?”

As public safety minister, Mr. Day rejected the notion of giving police the power to obtain online information without a warrant. The privacy commissioner has said the Harper government has not provided sufficient justification for such power. And police forces have so far been unable to explain why they need the power. More from our Jesse Brown here, here, here and here.


Vic Toews is watching

  1. From all the posts in the last two days, it’s pretty evident where Maclean’s stands on this issue (& I’m definitely with you on this).

    How about taking it a step further and setting up an online petition? You can count on my “signature” for one…

    • Better than that, write your MP, right now.  Especially if your MP’s conservative.

      Their website should have a contact us form.
      Mine was simply: Vote against bill C-30, or I’ll vote against you.

      • Done!

        • if the bill passes, send emails to all conservative MPs and supporters with suggestive words/phrases in them to get them flagged for police intervention..ending an email with ” and here is that link to that child porn site you wanted to join” should do the trick!

          • LOL! And then insert the link to Harper’s web page…

      Over 80,000 signatures and counting…

      • Thanks LKO. Signed it. Sent it to friends.

  2. Yeesh…are there no actual real live libertarians in that conservative caucus?

  3. I’m wondering where all those Conservatives who celebrated the end of the “intrusive” long-form census are today. They’re awful quiet, it seems.

  4. “If you are against the Decriminalization of marijuana, then you SUPPORT terrorists and drug gangs” Criminal Vic Toews LOGIC applied! 

    So when Criminal Vic Toews got his girlfriend, who was 30 years younger than him, preggers… could you not say he was into child porn? 

  5. Hey, do you suppose this is why the government basically pushed RIM under a bus with that Nortel thing?  Because, doesn’t the Blackberry have super awesome security, and maybe they can’t watch so well with it?