Vic Toews stands, the government waits, the public disagrees -

Vic Toews stands, the government waits, the public disagrees


The Public Safety Minister attempts to defend himself.

Let me be clear: Bill C-30 creates no new powers to access the content of e-mails, web-browsing history or phone calls beyond that which already exists in Canadian law.

Some have accused me of not reading a bill I’ve been involved in shaping for over half a decade. Ironically, when I read most media coverage of C-30, I am struck by just how poorly the bill is understood by many writers.

All the same, the Harper government isn’t ready to move forward with the legislation. Perhaps because, when presented with certain measures contained in the bill, a majority of Canadians express disagreement.


Vic Toews stands, the government waits, the public disagrees

  1. Isn’t this the same Vic Toews who expressed surprise at the bill’s contents last week when pressed by a reporter?

  2. Anonymous has given him a deadline, which is coming up soon.  Vic is between a rock and a hard place.

    • Oh No! Anonymous!!!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!

      I find it hilarious that anybody considers a couple of skiddiez with a YouTube account a threat.

      • Then you’re not paying attention.

      • Those “skiddiez” hacked the FBI. I’m just glad they are limited to only one mission: the protection of internet freedom. Those talents could be very dangerous if put to other uses.

        Btw, I for one hope Vic doesn’t resign this week, because I really want to find out what Anonymous releases on Friday:

        • They didn’t “hack” the FBI. They got into one single e-mail account, and got the code to a conference call. And they probably got into that e-mail account because some dumbass agent left his BB in a Starbucks or something.

  3. My biggest complain about Harper/Cons – and I have many – is that they are doing nothing to promote conservative thought. If journos, and Canadians, are ignorant it is government’s job to educate – instead we have secretive pols who say little and then complain about ignorance.

    If Cons talked and governed like conservatives, there would be far less ignorance across the land.

    Also, the ignorant, uninformed, and dullards of the world are what keep democracies pleasant and worth living in.

    Wall St Journal ~ Jan 2012 ~ Why Ignorance Is Democracy’s Bliss:

    The Iowa caucuses marked the official beginning of the presidential election cycle. For the next 10 months or so, the American public will endure polls, pundits, canned stump speeches and negative ads—the media circus that passes for 21st-century democracy. Despite this flood of coverage, one troubling feature of our elections will go largely unmentioned: The typical American voter is uninformed about political basics.

    Why are democracies so vibrant even when composed of uninformed citizens? According to a new study led by the ecologist Iain Couzin at Princeton, this collective ignorance is an essential feature of democratic governments, not a bug. His research suggests that voters with weak political preferences help to prevent clusters of extremists from dominating the political process. Their apathy keeps us safe.

    • if the Harper Cons talked and governed like conservaties, they’d be in opposition. 

  4. Maybe if Bill C-30 passes we can use it to tap CPC communications and find out who’s behind Robocall.

  5. Toews cannot expect the citizens who didn’t want to be treated as criminals via a long-gun registry to agree to be treated as criminals via government snooping without a warrant showing any cause why they have a need to do so.

  6. According to the Angus Reid Survey only 45% of respondents say they are following the Bill C-30 story even moderately closely, and of those 45%, I would guess most of them receive their information, not from reading the Bill, but from following the gotcha journalism practised by Evan Solomon and his like, and the resultant nasty gossiping by the left directed towards Vic Toews private life.

    So of course, it would be foolish for the government to hurry through with this Bill until the public and opposition politicians have a chance to study the Bill and help with useful suggestions.

    Unlike the Bills that were passed late last year, and had been in the news for years before that, this is a new frontier Bill, one that requires close study. It is hoped that those on the left with their narrow agendas either come up with constructive ideas or just shut-up with the scandalous personal attacks.

    • The ‘left’ has said nothing about Toews personal life.

      You are making things worse with these nonsensical partisan remarks.

      • Do you have a bell hooked up to your computer to ring as soon as a comment is registered. You jumped on mine within 2 minutes with your usual lying trolling.

        The attacks on Vic Toews the past weeks has everything to do with his personal life and little to do with useful, constructive, informed criticism of Bill C-30.

        • I have an account here…which means your comment shows up in my inbox within minutes, and I can immediately reply to it by clicking on it.

          Anonymous is after Toews…and they aren’t either left or rightwing.

          • LOL neither you nor your buddy have any idea who Anonymous or Occupy are….it’s just your strategy of labelling anyone who disagrees with you as ‘lefties’.

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus 
            Try actually reading the link before you start talking like an idiot. If you want another link, go here:
            It’s 3 months of e-mails between Occupy leadership. Names and e-mails are there for you to read.

            You can claim that they’re a non-centralized movement with no hierarchical structure, but those e-mails prove that to be a complete fabrication.

            True grass roots organizations don’t have digital production facilities in downtown NY.

        • Ellen — do you actually know what a troll is? I’m guessing you don’t have a clue. Why do you resort to personal attacks? It’s been my experience, that when people use personal attacks, they don’t actually have an argument. Personal attacks are what we expect from some adolescents, not adults 

          • Part and parcel of Harper’s strategy I think.  Anyone who disagrees with a Con is automatically a leftie or a commie or a pinko or a socialist…or a troll,  or a fascist  or doesn’t support the troops, or a pedophile or an enemy of the state or…..anything else they can think up on the spot….proving they have no idea what those words mean.

            I was once called the anti-christ….sending me off into whoops of laughter.

          • I guess I’m all of those and more. It gives me a purpose and a spring to my step!

          • @b76fef385ffb64e46d661f090edd807c:disqus 

            Well it certainly makes the board livelier…and sillier, but it does make me laugh.

            A new one lately is ‘progressive’ or a ‘proggy’….as though progress itself is a bad thing….but somehow they see that as evil too.

            Ya gotta wonder what kind of weird outfit is anti-progress….but then they did remove the word from their name.

        • Disqus has an email lert with link making it effortless to respond immediately.  Isn’t technology wonderful – you should tell Vic.

    • Actually not true, a version of this bill has been around since the Libs were in.

    • You call it “gotcha journalism” to ask the Minister about criticism of the “exceptional circumstances” clauses in his bill? 

      How is this “gotcha” or in anyway unfair? Because he wasn’t prepared to answer a question that was expressed in the House, in media and Internet, in petitions and by members of his own party?

      It sounds from the latest interview, that’s he still unable to address the concerns about that section of the bill. His whole political life will be one long gotcha if he decides to remain stubbornly ignorant of his own responsiblities.

      You are setting the bar so low that any dissembling idiot can claim to be a cabinet minister.

      • There are lots of reasons why the exceptional circumstances clause of the Bill should be explored further, however it is not helpful when people like Solomon conclude that Toews has not read the Bill because he has a different interpretation of the powers that would be given to police in the new Bill.

        Instead of pressing Toews to be sure to fix this difference of interpretation in Committee or in the House, many in the madia and bloggers took the opportunity to slander Toews personally. That was a sad and self-defeating day for the left in Canada. If you don`t agree with me ask Warren Kinsella or Dan Gardner.

        • I listened to that interview live. Toews did not have a “different interpretation” of the clause, he clearly said he wasn’t familiar with the clause at all. He made no attempt to defend the clause, he didn’t introduce any alternate interpretation. He simply had no idea that it existed.

          Nice try though. If I were a Harper Con I might try revisionism too, given the sorry state of reality.

        • it is not helpful when people like Solomon conclude that Toews has not read the Bill because he has a different interpretation  

          We’ve been over this already.  Toews’ “interpretation” of the exceptional circumstances section of the bill was that it DIDN’T EXIST.

  7. Technically true.
    It forces our ISPs to do it.

  8. I’m sure The Harper Government is hoping that by temporarily putting C-30 on the backburner, Canadians will forget about it. Then they’ll bring it back and rush it through as quickly as they can, hoping we won’t notice.