VICE Canada interviews Justin Trudeau

Join us tonight at 6:30 ET when our colleagues at VICE Canada put the Liberal Leader in the hot seat



Tonight in Toronto, our colleagues at VICE Canada will interview Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau live at the Great Hall.

The event will be MC’d by Damian Abraham and will focus on issues of importance to young Canadians — the environment, missing and murdered Aboriginal women, cybersecurity, LGBT rights, and, well, weed.

Scroll down for the live-stream. Here are some recommended reads from Maclean’s:

For more from VICE Canada, go here.


VICE Canada interviews Justin Trudeau

  1. Trudeau again hits it out of the park, unplugged and ready, with no talking points, well maybe a few. You better forget about putting Harper in this Lions Den, he will be eaten alive, and he knows it, after all, he doesn’t even take questions after a debate. Mulcair, I would say will be sniffing the wind for a few days to see if his hemorrhaging in the polls is stopped, or he will have to do a few rehearsals before showing up, maybe VICE could send him some scripted questions.

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