Video: Evan Solomon on what to watch in the election campaign

Evan Solomon on three topics to watch for in the third week of the federal election campaign


How will Nigel Wright’s testimony affect the Prime Minister’s election campaign? Will alarming reports of rape within Islamic State inform discussions on security? And what major policy announcements are to come? Evan Solomon discusses what mattered this week in the federal election campaign, and what to watch for as we head into the next:


Video: Evan Solomon on what to watch in the election campaign

  1. Thanks, Evan. Always entertaining and informative. Nice to see you back.

    • I certainly missed you on Power and Politics.. what a loss for CBC! Glad I found you at Maclean;s.
      With more testimony from Nigel Wright on Cross-examination we are finally getting to put some pieces of the puzzle tougher and the news does not bode well for the PMO or the PM. How does a known micro-manger suddenly not become a micro-manger? Everyone I talk to knows the PM had to have known about the Duffy affair from the get go.

  2. From the what to watch file.
    Sunday New York Times, OpEd page.
    Stephen Marche: The Closing of the Canadian Mind.
    Not of single member of the MSM inside the Queensway pundit class is capable of even thinking these thoughts anymore let alone writing them.

  3. Miss you from Power and Politics. So glad to be able to see and listen to you now. Glad you are back, you are the best.

    • Watch to watch on the election campaign?

      Hmm….what else is there to watch except the Mike Duffy Trial. It would appear that to the Canadian media, that is the ONLY story.

      After all….why talk about tax increases or foreign affairs when you can attack the PM who ordered a senator to PAY BACK money that may have been illegal, but was certainly unethical.

      Canadian media…..as predictable, as they are progressive.

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