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A professor regrets advising his students to watch this week’s pension debate.

Given he is teaching a third-year course on retirement and pensions and had recently weighed in with a call for a higher retirement age, Prof. Hering asked his students to watch the exchanges live on CPAC, the Parliamentary channel. “Since the level of debate was so disappointing, I felt bad that I asked them to watch it,” said Prof. Hering…


Viewer discretion advised

  1. I cant believe this was even an article. Doesn't Curry have better things to do with his time?

    How about article on witless profs who expect students to learn something from MPs and what they refer to as debates. Or how about a column on how our MPs are not taking pension issue seriously enough. But this article was lame.

  2. Your aspirations for our elected representatives are awfully low. I believe this article implies a higher expectation of their ability to contribute on national economic issues. Moreover, the article by Curry Does make the very point you suggest it should make: It cites the fewer than 20 MPs present (what's Quorum in the House anyway?) and that the finance critics for the aprties weren't even in attendance, let alone participating.

  3. Good thing they weren't watching QP.

  4. How about a column on how our MPs are not taking pension issue seriously enough.

    Isn't that what THIS column is about?

  5. I don't why you do, but I don't expect to read 'articles' in this section of Maclean's. Clearly, this is a blog. If you want to read articles, read another section.

  6. In other news; birds were seen flying south, a dog was seen chasing a cat, temperatures dropped overnight and the Leafs slump continues.

  7. No, it's not. It is about a witless prof who expects students to watch MPs not do their jobs properly.

    If this was article about looming pension crisis than there would be far more facts and figures provided. As is, this is just dog bites man article about misbehaving MPs and how we need to shield young people's eyes from the clowns in Parliament.

  8. I can conceive of birds flying in other directions, cats chasing dogs and temperatures rising overnight; but I hope never to see the Leafs in anything but an enduring slump.

  9. A political science professor is surpised by politicians debating politics and not policy? Pity the poor students.

  10. You moved the goal posts on me!

    I never said this was an article about the looming pension crisis, I said it was an article about MPs not taking the pension issue seriously enough. As you seem to acknowledge that the students witnessed MPs not doing their jobs properly, and "misbehaving MPs" isn't that pretty clear evidence that the MPs in question weren't taking the pension issue seriously enough?

    Anyway, I can't believe how quickly you morphed this from a question of "why aren't our MPs doing their jobs properly" to a question of "why did that idiot latte-sipper expect his students to see MPs doing their jobs properly!?!?" I think in your focus on the trees you may be missing the forest. The issue is the behaviour of our MPs not that someone had the temerity to call them on it.