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Viva Guergis


So, apparently, it was also Rahim Jaffer, in Cuba, with the special passport and the Castro administration. And maybe even that isn’t the entirety of it.

Sources close to the controversy say Harper was told Jaffer used the passport on a trip to Cuba promoting green technology to the Castro regime. That raised immediate fears that Cuban officials could have been misled that Jaffer carried Canada’s seal of approval…

It’s not clear when the Prime Minister first learned about the passport issue or if it is part of unspecified information still being withheld about the case. More certain is that Harper was justifiably riled by the combination of the visit to a country loaded with Canada-U.S. diplomatic sensitivities, as well as the abuse of privilege. Even so, both the warnings and the Prime Minister’s reaction are being kept under unusually tight wraps. That suggests there’s more to an incident that on the surface seems little more serious than a breach of protocol.


Viva Guergis

  1. "an incident that on the surface seems little more serious than a breach of protocol"

    I don't know. If he used a diplomatic passport to travel to Cuba on private business that does seem pretty serious to me. Am I just too sensitive?

    • You're not, and that's a pretty good reason, which tends to undermine the current "Mean Harper wrongfully dismissed poor Guergis" narrative.

      Fun to see the visible strain in that line attempting to keep that narrative going, though, isn't it? I look forward to the forthcoming Liberal spin reversing – yet again – their attacks of the previous month. It'll have been disgraceful, once more, that she was ever allowed in cabinet; then by July or so, it'll prove again just how much of an incompetent manager and misogynistic boob Harper was to not name her deputy PM. Repeat ad nauseam.

      • I'm not sure there was ever actually a "Mean Harper wrongfully dismissed poor Guergis" narrative. There was a "Secretive and unaccountable Harper dismissed Guergis without even telling Guergis, let alone the public, why she was being dismissed, or what serious allegations about her or her husband he had turned over to the Mounties" narrative, but that's a bit different.

        I don't think the opposition was really arguing that Guergis shouldn't be dismissed, they were arguing that NO CABINET MINISTER should be dismissed without an explanation as to why they are being dismissed. Guergis isn't a sympathetic figure because she got fired, she's a (somewhat) sympathetic figure because she got fired (and apparently accused of something very serious – said allegations having being forwarded to the national police force) and no one would tell her, or the public, why.

      • avr….I agree. We had it with the H1N1 and the Guergis/Jaffer hysterics and now we have the G7 and G20 hysterics. Do they think that Harper simply picked the numbers out of the air? Of course he did. There I saved the anti Harper crowd the need to answer the question.

        Can you imagine what would happen if God forbid one of the leaders was assinated or protesters invaded the conference site etc. Canada's reputation is on the line here. We agreed to the summits and now we have to ensure that the security of the leaders and their entourages is protected at any cost.

        Whether it is economically feasible and cost effective. Is a debate for another day.

        • God forbid the Opposition opposes.

  2. Where are my talking points? Oh, there they are…

    It doesn't matter if it's a serious breach, what matters is that Canadians don't care about this story, and any media covering it are biased, especially Wherry, and reporters at the CBC, which should be shut down…

    Oh, sorry, those are my talking points on the Parliamentary supremacy debate.

    What was the question again?

    • "What was the question again?"

      Why do you hate the troops?

  3. Darn it. I can see why Harper had to call in the RCMP and the Ethics Commissioner…
    I think….
    What was the middle part again?

    • Something about PEI…

      • And anonymous fan letters from constituency staffers…

        • Busty hookers.

  4. Well, Clement, it turns out, has been helping flog green products to the Chinese. What are the chances Harper sees a problem with him doing that?

    • Well, there's a world of difference between a Cabinet Minister promoting Canadian businesses abroad while on a diplomatic mission and an MP (was he still even an MP?) flogging HIS OWN BUSINESS, while on a PRIVATE TRIP yet still using a DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT.

      If you're suggesting that Clement's been flogging his own company's private business interests in China while traveling on a diplomatic passport I'd be fascinated to hear the evidence of that, but short of so much as a hyperlink, I think I'd best assume you're just making that up.

      • With this government there's no need to make anything up. My imagination can't compete with the kinds of things they keep coming up with.

    • Ah. I see what you're referring to now.

      There's definitely a hint of a smell to that, but I'd still say it's much less serious for a Minister to appear for 60 seconds in an eight minute infomercial promoting a company in his riding (that he has no financial stake in), than it is for an MP to ACTUALLY GO TO CHINA ON A DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT to flog, in person, HIS OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS.

      I don't think I'm NEARLY as sanguine on the Clement thing as the PMO apparently is, but it's a lot different for a Minister to appear in an ad promoting a Canadian company to foreign investors, than it is to have to explain to the Chinese that Jaffer wasn't acting as an official voice of the Government of Canada, while he was traveling around in China on an official diplomatic passport of the Government of Canada flogging (his own) Canadian business.

      Of course, I might feel a lot differently about the Clement thing if I were a Canadian competitor to that company Clement helped out, and wondering how I can get a federal Cabinet Minister to appear in an ad flogging MY company to the Chinese, or if that's a privilege reserved just for companies headquartered in Muskoka.