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Waiting for answers


The Globe reports that Defence officials made a trip to Washington last week to research the latest cost estimates for the F-35.

The federal government is working to translate this U.S. data into figures that reflect Canada’s purchase plans and hopes to make these public before Parliament rises in June, sources say … The political pledge made in April was that the Conservatives would provide Canadians with an updated estimate for the per-plane costs of the jets within 60 days of receiving forecast information from the Joint Strike Fighter Program office in the United States.

Still to be explained is the auditor general’s suggestion of two weeks ago that the Department of National Defence “does have the numbers for 36 years” and, if that is the case, why those numbers haven’t been made public. I’ve asked the department to explain and will post the response in its entirety as soon as I receive it.


Waiting for answers

  1. If we are buying the planes buggy and expensive for 3.5 decades instead of a few every few years or upgrading, the CPC threat assessment is lacking. There will be UAVs. Maybe even Americans to be targetted if their CPC clones are targetting our grow-ops or cigarette smuggling routes or something RW stupid. These suggest building our own radar and airspace domestic monitoring towers and such; perhaps a Crown NORAD/Canada Trust. The crappy season Olympics are worried about those $30 toy helicopters being used to distribute poison. There will be insect weapons to worry about. This suggests to me EMP (a no no to even discuss) or MIRVed air-to-“cloud” or “spread” missile systems. This suggests giving money to Bristol (used to be Cdn before crooked, fed debt-adding but rewarded Mulroney went against a competition to buy Que votes) to develop 100% Cdn-built air-to-air missiles.
    The USA doesn’t sell their F-22. I don’t like buying crappy planes unless they are cheap. A 2005 discussion forum mentions the CF-18 (I assume) is far more upgradeable over time than F-35 because of increased payload area. I assume this is the cost of partial stealth. The worst kept secret is an antique radar band I could probably afford to build can detect F-35: will be a common enemy technology after 20 years no doubt. I’d guess the 24M lines of code (F-22 only 8M) make upgrading to face new threats harder too. And we are basically the threat of the future. Saudis will hopefully carry through on $109B solar pledge ($5B/yr). They are scientifically more litarate than Canada. Their’s is a superior religion than AB’s Christianity for the species. We will need to bomb our own pipelines to do good in the world of the future.

    • …the aren’t too many technologies that you can predict will mimic Moore’s Law and the computer revolution. I think it happened because semiconductors are so versatile. Maybe some genomics. But I’m now this week confident lasers will. Lasers are useful for industrial cutting but also medical treatments. I think it is Sewell lasers that were projected to be useful for lifting payload to LEO years back. This was a joke. Still projected that way by proponents, but now NASA wants to put them right in a fibre-optic cable to melt through Ice Moons. This might work. IDK if fibre-optics can keep up. Lasers are good for imaging and killing insect drones. We should build and R+D (because of banks and oil we don’t do any R+D) lasers. MDS, the Canada Arm maker, had a medical division.