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Walked right into that one


Glen Pearson suggests everyone stop fussing about Helena Guergis. Various conservative-minded readers nod their heads vigorously.

Glen Pearson wonders whether these readers are equally appalled by the criticisms delivered to Ms. Guergis from the Conservative side and the kickings delivered to Messrs. Dion and Ignatieff over the last four years.


Walked right into that one

  1. It's become Pavlovian: every time Guergis comes up in the news, I roll my eyes.

    Pearson's right, and this should have stopped ages ago. Not just because it's dumb, but because we didn't elect MPs to throw monkey poo at one another all day. We've got real issues and problems in this country. They need to keep their eyes on the ball.

    • It's not just the MPs. I, for one, can't believe the press' actions on this one. I was shocked to find a link to pictures of the inside of Guergis' home on nationalnewswatch.com.

      A line was crossed by everyone involved some time ago.

  2. I love the second part of Pearson's post… I wonder how many Conservatives it's preventing from commenting?

    • I tried to comment on his post. It was a respectful comment, but he wouldn't post it.

      • What does that mean?

        • Just suggesting what might be preventing Conservatives from commenting.

          • He let canadiansense post a bucnh of crap. Maybe his gorge would not take any more.

          • He didn't let this post through; he may have thought it too partisan, though I merely consdier it to be accurate:

            I think the Conservatives are appallingly vindictive and meanspirited, and that they take their tone from their leader. Their treatment of Stephane Dion was repellent.

            There may well be some vindictive, mean people among the other parties, but meanness is the primary culture of the current Conservative Party.

            Some bloggers and pundits have opined that Guergis is being thrown under the bus. She doesn't get much sympathy because she did bring it on herself. But it's also evidence of the current Conservative attitude toward women. They would never give a woman an important job; certainly some of the male Ministers have behaved worse with fewer consequences. Remeber what they said when Belinda Stronach crossed the floor?

  3. In this case, Marlene Jennings is following up on a rather shameful display by Taber, Fife, Akin, etc. in trying to make Guergis' mortgage an issue for the ethics commissioner?

    I mean come on…Jennings is as partisan as they come, but the monkey poo is being imported into the House at this point. What the hell are these bunch of hack journalists doing rooting around her mortgage, based on zero evidence that it was obtained improperly? Where does it stop? Are they going to look into what restaurant she eats at? Where she gets her hair done? How much she tips a valet?

    It looks like the media have decided that she must go, and are pretty much willing to cross any ethical boundary they have to to make it happen.

    • Curious what you thought of Duffy and CTV when they pulled that stunt on Dion? Didn't Harper defend the showing of that botched interview too? Do you think these people crossed an ethical boundary too and did the end justify the means then?

      • Dion was unable to answer a simple question posed to him by an interviewer in English, the language spoken by 80% of Canadians, despite having it explained to him by his handlers, and requested how many do-overs? 3? 4? Is that inability to answer a simple question in the majority language of the country relevant to his potential job as Prime Minister? Abso-frigging-lutely it's relevant; more relevant than anybody's French shortcomings which are always seen as legitimate fodder.

        Helena Guergis has a large mortgage on her home, with no reason to suspect that the mortgage was obtained illegimately. Is that relevant to her position? Not a chance.

        • When you say "simple" question, you are correct. However, that word may not mean what you think it means.

        • No John G. that is your partisanship showing. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about Guergis and if her mortgage was obtained without preferential treatment, I wish she'd just go away (Tasha of the National Post wrote a piece that her antics are a great distraction from some serious problems facing the conservatives and that she's a gift to the Conservatives right now).

          But, your "it's ok to attack Liberals in an underhanded fashion, but not ok to attack Conservatives at all" is nonsense.
          I'd rather we go back to the real issues. But, it's bunk to suggest it's ok for your side to do it, but not ok for the other side.

        • it was not a simple question. Garbled yes. Badly worded yes. Oddly tensed yes.

      • Surely you don't expect any consistency from the right wing fixtures around here, do you?

        I don't even bother asking them questions to highlight their hypocrisy because you know they always have an explanation. One they've just thought up, despite claiming they articulated it for an event in the past.

        For them, truth is provisional.

    • Perhaps they should flood mailboxes with 10 percenters saying

      Helena Guergis – not a Cabinet Minister

      My mailbox began filling up with similar attack 10 percenters smearing Dion just after he won the leadership.

      While I also do not care for these attacks, the gauntlet has been thrown down, and for the Conservatives to cry foul now is simply ludicrous

  4. I'll stop finding this amusing when the ridiculous Guergis exits public life or does something redeeming. Not one minute before.

  5. Pearson wonders where the Conservative partisans were when there was negative press about Dion and Iggy. If that`s the game he wants to play, a cynical commenter might wonder where all the Liberal partisans were when the press were teeing off on Manning, Day and Harper.

    If the Liberal Party wants to be known as the Party of Jennings and Easter then continue with the hysterical drivel. If you want some respect from Canadians, leave the woman alone and the PM will see that she has more time to attend to her personal affairs.

    • "a cynical commenter might wonder where all the Liberal partisans were when the press were teeing off on Manning, Day and Harper."

      Regarding what incidents, specifically?

      • Oh, take your pick of incidents; drivel about wetsuits and glasses and religious choice and hidden agendas are all there.

        • In some areas you may be right (wetsuit, direction of river). But Day should thank his stars they didn't focus on his policy even more!

          And the MSM jumped on beer and popcorn, so its a wash.

        • In other words, common man, you got nuthin'.

        • In other words, common man, you got nuthin'.

  6. Well I'll tell you what…Chretien's English is probably as bad as Dion's, but I can tell you for damn sure that he wouldn't have needed 4 attempts to knock it out of the park.

    • I agree with you in principle, but Dion has a hearing problem that contributed to his outtakes. Shouldn't have taken four attempts, but I grant him a wee bit more slack than you have.

      • Double standard, johng. Duffy should have been fired. not rewarded with a Senate seat. You should be embarrassed to have him as a Conservative Senator.

        • I'm not arguing that he came across as captain sympathetic; four retakes made him look like an ill-prepared bonehead.

          Nonetheless, I've got bigger bones to pick than whether or not Stephane Dion comprehends English well enough now.

  7. I wonder if Glen and Aaron can tell the difference between an apple and an orange. An apple is a couple of FORMER staffers (Tim Powers & Kory T.) stating their personal opinion on Helena on a cable news show and an orange is rising in the House of Commons to use the one hour of a day to hold the government to account to pursue farce.

    Glen tried real hard to make it sound like the NDP and the Bloc have been all over the Helena issue but a quick check of Hansard shows that this only matters to Liberals.
    And Glen, I don't remember seeing a single CPC ad that attacked Dion or Iggy for the actions of their wives or their banking arrangments.

  8. So are you suggesting that Taber, Fife, and the rest of the gossip crew on QP be fired?


    Whose double standard?

  9. Fired for what?

  10. The attacks on Guergis are sad, in a pathetic kind of way. Or is pathetic, in a sad kind of way?

    Canadians are waiting for real leadership, and while it may not be coming from the Conservative Party, it's clearly absent in the door-knob shenanigans from the Liberals. Wayne Easter has exhausted his HoC outrage privileges for the decade in the past month and a half.

    • *yawn*

    • I've often wondered if Easter and Jennings volunteer for crap like this, or if it's forced on them by enemies within the Liberal party. It's degrading work; the political equivalent of cleaning latrines.

      After reading Brian Topp's account of the coalition negotiations, and after following Wherry's excellent QP reportage, I've come to the conclusion that both of these MPs are willing volunteers–not because they're shrill partisans, but because they seem completely oblivious to the fact that what they're doing is tawdry and wrong. Their apparent lack of a sense of shame has done wonders for their careers in politics.

      • Sadly, that seems to be a bipartisan career advancement trait…

      • Oh, you`re absolutely right CR. That`s pure joy you see on the faces of those 2 willing volunteers.

      • Looks like is personal now, anything to bring the tories down.

    • If only there was some evidence that Canadians would reward said leadership they are assumed to be waiting for. I think the trending of news coverage towards more and more of this sort of fare is evidence that such a reward will only be dwindling. Canadians pay attn: to this crap, just nothing has been big enough to create a majority situation yet.

  11. If Pearson is being selective about what comments he's letting through without explaining why, then his blog should be boycotted.

    That's not how it's done, Mr. Pearson.

    • I think you should start hanging out on Pearson's blog, just to spice things up at bit.

      • Leave the man be, he's a thoughtful and intelligent man, and he doesn't deserve to be attacked by a bunch of trolls.

        • Fair enough. It does seem like cruel and unusual punishment to inflict Tiggy on Pearson's blog.

  12. In the original Glen McGregor article, it states:

    The transaction was financed through a Bank of Nova Scotia branch in Edmonton, where Guergis's husband, former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer, held a seat until the last federal election.

    If they got a good deal, sounds to me like an internal issue at B of NS. Maybe the loan manager likes the couple. Who cares?

    • This reminds me of the time those crack Liberal bloggers thought they had the scoop of a lifetime: they suspected that Guergis had lied about having an MBA on her CV. They were positively giddy with excitement until some journalist called the U of Alberta and confirmed the MBA was legit.

      • Couldn't resist. From the Executive MBA at U of A page:

        It is designed for senior-level managers who wish to enhance their organization's value in a climate of increased complexity and uncertainty in competitive environments. Critical thinking skills are essential for making decisions at a senior level. [failure rate: 0.08 ]

        The Alberta Haskayne Executive EMBA gives you these skills which will enable you to accelerate your career, whether your goal is a senior executive of a large corporation, to start your own company or to change your career. Not only will you learn these essential skills, you will learn about yourself: your strengths, weaknesses and how you interact with others. People skills are a fundamental aspect impacting your success as a leader.

      • Yeah, what a coincydink:

        Remarkably, in the spring of 2009, Mr. Jaffer earned an Executive MBA from the University of Alberta, and later, launched a new business.