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War of numbers


The Dewar campaign emails NDP members with its numbers and tacks on an appeal that seems designed to attack Thomas Mulcair, address Mr. Dewar’s linguistic weakness and appeal to Brian Topp’s supporters. The Mulcair campaign releases its own numbers.

According to figures obtained by Postmedia News, Mulcair’s poll has him well in front with 31.1 per cent, followed by Toronto MP Peggy Nash (17.5), former NDP president Topp (14.8), British Columbia MP Nathan Cullen, (14.2), Ottawa MP Paul Dewar (13.8), Manitoba MP Niki Ashton (5.3) and Nova Scotia pharmacist Martin Sigh (0.9).


War of numbers

  1. 0.9% of dippers sigh when asked who they support? 

    As far as I can tell, all these dubious polls in past day or two show that Mulcair and Nash are serious candidates while everyone else is amateur hour. 

  2. Under my real name, I’m still waiting to receive one email reply from Thomas Mulcair’s campaign.  So far, no luck. I will be voting for the next NDP leader. If I receive no reply from Thomas Mulcair, I will place him last or second last on the preferential ballot. If I receive at least one reply with a reasonable response, then I will place him first or second on the ballot.

  3. I’m excited to vote for Nathan Cullen.  I joined the NDP (www.nathancullen.ca) because I want to see someone in power who’s more interested in Canada than simply his own party.  Looks like I’m not alone.