Warning: Jack Layton has undone the top button on his shirt


The NDP have rolled out new TV ads, apparently meant to convey that Mr. Layton is once again prepared to cast off his suit jacket.


Second advert here.


Warning: Jack Layton has undone the top button on his shirt

  1. Canadians don't talk, and we never speak plainly.

    We 'send signals'.

  2. ..so that's why my butt felt sore !

  3. Is he actually paying people to run these ads?

  4. Perhaps he should use that button on his lips.

  5. Good find by the NP. Jack's seniors are just as contrived as his jacketless, rolled up sleeves "hey I'm just the average working guy", let sit at the kitchen table, lol!!

    NDP ad gets its ‘Canadian seniors' from Denmark

  6. I guess they figured that Iggy has the British vote wrapped up, so the NDP will target the rest of Europe.

  7. "Getting results": that is so 2008! I think the big problem with a potential NDP campaign is that Jack Layton will be campaigning in the year 2008 while the other leaders will be in 2011. The media will end up ignoring Layton's old message, and focus on the battle between Harper and Ignatieff.

    An big miss in the NDP seniors ad spot is that it misses its direct attack on Harper the control freak. The election will not be about unknown fat cat senators; it should be about Harper faults (unless Harper can keep it focused on the Conservatives vs. the Bloc/NDP/Liberal coalition).

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