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Was your MP born in your riding?

MAP: Nick Taylor-Vaisey takes a closer look at the origins of MPs


Dozens of parliamentarians weren’t born in the ridings they represent. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but we thought it was worth taking a look at which MPs represent their first place of residence.

MPs are coded as follows: Blue if they were born in the riding they represent, Light Blue if they were born in an adjacent riding, and Red if they were born further afield. Click on a riding, and the info bubbles that pop up tell you where the MP was born, when they were born, and their various jobs before they took office. Zoom in for a closer look at cities where more than one MP was born.

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Was your MP born in your riding?

  1. So what? I really don’t understand why any of this matters.

  2. MPs move to other ridings, since their birth. They work, study, raise a family in other towns and ridings. What’s the relevance?

  3. There are lots of errors here – I only looked at parts of BC and Alberta and found that Vancouver is apparently in Delta-Richmond East (it’s not), and that the Lethbridge riding is not adjacent to the Medicine Hat riding. The map is kind of cool, but would be cooler if it was accurate.