Watch the replay: Justin Trudeau at Davos

Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab and Fareed Zakaria discuss the global economy and ‘the Canadian opportunity’



Watch the replay: Justin Trudeau at Davos

  1. Oh man……Trudeau just finished speaking at DAVOS. yesterday, I made a snarky post predicting that Trudeau would be an embarrasment, speak in platitudes, and talk about “diversity making us stronger”…..

    It was even worse than I predicted. He did say exactly what I said he would say, but what was missing was any indication that he’s used his 100 days in Government to actually crack open a textbook on economics. the man’s ignorance is as astounding as it was predictable.

    So embarrassing.

  2. It is a bad sign when your nation’s leader is so vacant and shallow that the nation cringes when speaks internationally.

  3. That was a speech for low intelligent voters spoken to high intelligent world class investors. I am getting really scared… there was zero substance and 100% fluff. I would sell any investment in canada after that speech!!

  4. I really have to wonder if all of the negative commenters on this thread bothered to actually pay attention to Mr. Trudeau’s speech, or if they simply just couldn’t wait to bash him unintelligently in the comments section and justify their own shallow prejudices.

    Mr. Trudeau was at Davos to “sell” Canada to the world; to present a new and hopeful vision of Canada to investors around the world, and to attract international attention to what he and his government are actually trying to accomplish here. He was not there to deliver a lecture on Econometrics!

    Everything that he said rings absolutely true: Canada’s diversity, our ability to attract and develop creative talent from all over the globe, and our open and respectful society where people feel safe, feel hopeful, and are able to effectively interact and collaborate with such a huge range of different perspectives and ideas, truly does form the basis for a country that brims with exciting possibilities going into the future.

    Canada is not perfect, and neither is Mr. Trudeau. Nobody is. But in less than 100 days he has already succeeded in reversing the negative opinion of this country that the previous government had taken 10 years to entrench. He has done it with massive public support by delivering a message that struck at the core of what most Canadians know to be true. And he has done it with such smart, characteristic eloquence that even the French translator of this video was taken aback!

    Bravo Mr. Trudeau for your efforts. We stand behind you and will support you all the way.

    • Konrad,

      The difference between Trudeaus detractors and folks such as yourself is quite clear. We listened to Trudeaus speech, and we UNDERSTOOD THAT TRUDEAU DOESN’T REALLY KNOW WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT”……..and folks like you, just don’t see it.

      so yeah Konrad……bask in the sunny ways, but remember, if you look at the sun too long….you go blind.

      • James,

        Whether you people really understand what Trudeau knows or doesn’t know is immaterial. At least he’s talking about something. You’re not really talking about anything.

        I will gladly bask in the sunny ways. You can go crawl back under your rock.

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