Watch the 2016 Progress Summit as it happens

The Broadbent Institute’s annual Progress Summit gathers left-leaning politicos for four days in Ottawa. We’re carrying a livestream.


Anyone who wants to see headlines being made on Ottawa’s political-social calendar must mark three annual conferences on their calendars: the #Can2020 Conference, the Manning Centre Conference, and the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit. This year’s 2020 and Manning gatherings have wrapped up, which leaves the Progress Summit to do its thing from March 31 to April 2. The institute bills the summit as the “largest annual progressive politics conference in Canada.”

Check out the four-day gathering’s full schedule of events, and keep an eye on the livestream above for webcasts from the summit’s stage.


Watch the 2016 Progress Summit as it happens

  1. Feedback: it would be just wonderful if there could be an audio-only stream. I’m getting some major lag issues with the video, which is making it unwatchable. Sad to be missing the great PR debate!

  2. The Broadbent Conf broadcast is very poor. It keeps cutting out, with the wheel spinning endlessly as if it might start any moment again. I’ve learned it’s better to start over by closing down and re connecting. This has been a moderate problem until now. With the proportional rep debate it’s happening so frequently I’m missing 3/4 of the debate. Can’t something be done?

    • Hi from PEI, Brian! I’m having the same issues. :)

      Hopefully they’ll post a recording to youtube…

  3. What happened to the audio and visual? It intermittently comes and goes and one can’t follow the conversation. Let’s hope it’s on youtube in the future.

  4. Andrew, the only one with experience and something to say cant’ be heard because the transmission is poor and may be tampered with.

  5. It’s become so bad I can’t watch or listen. If contact is re-established it’s lost within seconds. A web broadcast is a great idea but it has to work! I echo the hopes of the other 2 posters that each of the presentations will be posted on youtube. In future it would help to have a system that allows viewer feedback as the broadcast is happening so your techies can at least try to solve the problem while it’s happening.
    It worked a lot better Friday. Maybe it’s the higher volume of traffic on Saturdays that’s made it so much more a problem today.

  6. Yes very frustrating! Clearly someone doesn’t like folks talking about PR ;-)

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