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This week’s print edition of Maclean’s is so cool it will make you plotz. Look: Three covers! Not one on each issue, and you have to collect all three — that would be very Entertainment Weekly, circa 1995. No, with our patented Nesting Cover Technology™, we have managed to put three cover pages on each issue of Maclean’s. And the faces on those covers? And the stories they tell? Lookie:

My favourite thing about this three-cover feature is the way we added the Professor and Mary Ann down there on the lower right-hand corner of Layton’s cover. My second-favourite thing is that we actually have profiles of all five party leaders, with new reporting and fresh insights on each: Wells on Harper, Geddes on Dion, Wherry on Layton, Kingston on May, Patriquin on Duceppe.

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Watch the skies

  1. Amazing cover(s). Well done by Maclean’s magazine. Hopefully the issue will be available where I live.

  2. Awesome covers. That red design, though, makes Dion look a lot like Emperor Hirohito.

  3. Very nice. And your piece on Harper is excellent.

  4. I am curious what Dion’s big idea is. I am guessing you are not talking about trying to downplay Green Shift, and hiding behind the skirts of people on his ‘team’, which he seems to be doing at the moment.

  5. A small quibble. Elizabeth May should have been an inset on Dion’s cover, not Laytons.

  6. I believe I perused a mag at the local Chapters that had something similar …. MoneySense methinks … sister publications no doubt.

  7. That’s a very good profile of Harper, and extremely even-handed. (Very pleased to see you used the Canberra quote, too.)

    Man, I just dunno about this guy. He seems determined to govern from the centre and repudiate the rabid old Reform agenda; the worst you can say about that is that he doesn’t seem to be delivering on the “nation we can be proud of” (internationally or frankly in terms of our military and our history: he’s kept up the Martin blackout on Afghanistan news and darned if I can see our history being promoted, except by the Gov’t of Alberta). But, by and large, he seems eminently reasonable; it’s especially great to see him reaching out to immigrant communities.

    And yet . . . the fear persists (chez moi) that the bad old Reform attitudes haven’t been discarded. Look at the way they’re campaigning. Look at the front bench. Look at the persistence of wackos in the party. I just can’t believe the man’s Arthur Meighan reincarnated when his own supporters, presumably with his blessing, behave like Republicans.

    I do wish I could like Stephen Harper. Or rather, I like the Stephen Harper who sits down and responds thoughtfully and at length to Paul Wells. Actually I wish I were more like that Stephen Harper myself. But until he cleans house I just can’t believe it’s true.

    Great covers, I concur.

  8. You found a picture of Harper with his eyes open. Is it photoshopped?

  9. Jack: If I thought for an instant that I could believe Harper, I might vote for the conservatives myself (although it’d be hard to do because the local candidate is a bigot). Unfortunately, he broke his first promise within a day or so of getting power, and dropped the writ by breaking another promise.

    In between those two we have a slew of other broken promises, the most damning to me being his selling out the BC Lumber Industry to American interests, and his complete repudiation of working to make our democracy better (Anybody remember the promise of free votes? Yeah, that was before he decided everything was a confidence matter).

    So Harper can say whatever he likes but I’m afraid I’ll never be able to believe he’ll do what he says.

  10. This is all a plot by the evil liberal MSM. Oh wait, what, that doesn’t work in this thread? Moving along then…

  11. The thing to remember about Harper is that the man would be a Republican if he were American — albeit one on the libertarian side of the party.

    His policy instincts are all towards limiting the power of the state. (Read Gardner’s bio of him. Or the first few chapters of Right Side Up, for that matter.)

    All that other stuff — that’s just politics.

  12. Great looking mag- can’t wait to read it when its delivered in 2 or 3 weeks.

  13. Why do you hate democracy and Quebec? Those piddly little pictures of May and Duceppe. It’s an outrage!

  14. What should we watch ?

    What he says now ?

    What he’s said in the past ?

    What he does ?

  15. Has anyone actually done an analysis of the NDP’s supposed strength/momentum in this campaign?

    They are nowhere to be found in the “battleground” ridings, tanking horribly in BC: http://www.ctv.ca/mini/election2008/polltracker.html

    and the regional seat model shows them actually LOSING SEATS if an election were held today:


    Is it possible that they’ve gone from their horrible showings in Quebec, Alberta etc. in 2006 to mediocre in those regions now, which has artificially spiked their national numbers?

    Sure, Jack is being allowed to make his billions of dollars in campaing promises without any media scrutiny (who cares what he promises, he’ll never be PM), but unless I’m missing something, he’ll be lucky to keep what he has, let alone gain more seats.

    Jack may gain more votes this time, but he’s sort of like the old Progressive Conservatives under Joe Clark. Mid-teens support across the country, with no regional strength to produce a critical mass of seats.

  16. Good article on Harper. In particular where you touch on his decentralization bu stealth, so to speak. For my money that is the essence of the Harper government. And this is big stuff. In the Canadian context it is downright revolutionary. And nobody is talking about it.

    So, I applaud you for discussing it. Most of your media colleagues would rather talk about the horse race, who’s hot and who’s not and various other idiocies. Well done.

  17. The thing one has to admire about Harper is his capacity to make tactical decisions that are consistent with a strategic direction. It is pretty obvious that none of his contemporaries are in the same league. And if he can do that during full flight in a campaign, he can certainly do that when he has more time to reflect on public policy. It makes for an effective government, whether you agree with his direction or not….and its a lot better than aimless dithering. The irony is that Harper is regularly cast as the guy with the hidden agenda…….what exactly is he hiding? I think he has been pretty forthright about where he wants to take the country……so has Layton for that matter, probably why he ranks #2 for leadership. The rest? Who the hell knows?

  18. Shouldn’t Harper get a second cover?

    After all he is two-faced, isn’t he?

  19. Suggested new name for the Conservatives’ campaign plane:
    APOLOG-AIR hmm… the soft “g” is difficult with that one. I know -“Tory Sorry Air”

  20. The media seemed excited and cheered lustily when Elizabeth May was granted a spot in the leader’s debate after Layton, then Harper caved.

    But post debate controversy, the Greens aren’t getting spots on spin doctor panels, leadership tour network round ups, or newspaper election coverage pages. Now Maclean’s covers says NO.

    And Elizabeth May down in the bottom corner with Duceppe.

  21. Gosh — I don’t think I’ve ever ‘plotzed’ before….that must be one special issue to result in that kind of an unprecedented response!

  22. Awesome write-up, Paul! It’s refreshing to see some honest-to-goodness reporting in this election cycle.


  23. Dion’s cover needs more cowbell …. trust me on this .

  24. A complaint: Dion’s name is in a bigger font than Harper… MSM bias against the Conservatives blah blah blah… if this happened to the Liberals blah blah blah… once again Conservatives are held to a tougher standard blah blah blah…

    BANG! (head blows up, tinfoil everywhere)


  25. A question for T Twhim, please forgive my curiousity. Did you vote for Chretien and his redbook time and time again? He certainly lied and broke more promises than Harper has.

  26. Shouldn’t Dions cover had IggyBobby and Ken on it after all the LPC just benched it’s leader and bought out it’s heavy weights to save what’s left of the once great and mighty natural governing party?

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