Watch your sausage get made -

Watch your sausage get made


Don Martin catches Maxime Bernier being fed his talking points.

Here is the resulting interview with Mr. Bernier on Wednesday.


Watch your sausage get made

  1. Would there be any reason Martin would wait until Friday afternoon to air that piece? It seems a little like the government’s own late night weekend announcements that seem to avoid attention. Well, it’s good he aired it at all, I should say. We will see what the media and masses make of it.

  2. If anyone is surprised by this …. read question period responses, etc.

  3. I quite frankly am appalled at this piece which is clearly intended to make conservative supporters look like dupes and idiots; Don Martin is clearly anti-democratic! In any democracy, everyone deserves appropriate representation… even dupes & idiots.

    • Agreed – but is there something wrong with the rep by pop formula – there can’t be that many dupes and idiots, can there?

    • One can only hope that having been treated like dupes & idiots they might consider voting for someone who will represent them better.
      Playing the straight man to your comment.

    • I enjoyed that, thanks for posting. Katharine Ross was beautiful and talented. And the other actress delivered her lines in a far less robotic way than Bernier.

  4. Why do we need these meat puppets?

    • Soon they won’t bother standing behind the curtain at all; they’ll just sit the Ministers & MPs on their laps with an arm up their backside and won’t even bother trying to hide the moving lips…

  5. Con ministers and MPs aren’t permitted to use the washroom without getting prior approval from Harper’s Ministry of Truth via “Message Event Proposal.”

    What con men like Harper find out the hard way is that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Their contempt for their “marks” is their inevitable undoing…

  6. I was going to say “THAT’S embarrassing!”, but on second thought I suppose the evidence suggests it isn’t actually embarrassing at all.


    • As a Canadian whose representative democracy includes that sort of thing on a regular basis, I am very embarrassed. Oh, you meant for the MP!

      • Yeah, funny that, I suppose that I should also be embarrassed – apparently I’ve become ‘desensitized’. ;-)

  7. Don Martin’s editorial was a good one, but I prefer reading Martin over watching him. Is that just me?

    Bernier getting briefed by one of the boys in short pants and then dutifully citing the $21 BILLION carbon tax afterwards is quite priceless. It almost tops the David Wilks donut-shop confessional.