‘We appreciate any contribution you might make’


Pat Martin now has a legal defence fund in his name to help him defend himself against RackNine’s lawsuit.

He apparently needs about $250,000.


‘We appreciate any contribution you might make’

  1. I can’t muster a slither of sympathy for a loud mouth like Martin. I’m enjoying the slight shift to the centre the NDP is trying but Martin can rot in hell: the man just does not know when to shutup.

  2. Taxpayers already contribute to Martin by paying his salary, benefits and pension. Will Martin contribute anything at all to his own defence fund? Maybe Martin would stop accusing others of electoral fraud if he’s held responsible for his actions.

    If Martin is looking to raise his own money, instead of behaving like parasite, there is 50/50 chance German Supreme Court produces quite a shock tomorrow. Bound to be stocks and bonds negatively affected if Germans rule against esm bailout fund.

  3. I think we all knew that one day Pat Martin’s big mouth was going to get him in trouble.

  4. I bet this gets withdrawn before the end of this mess is seen.

  5. Rack nine is seeking $5 million in damages? Give me a break. If anything, the notoriety, and subsequent clearing of their name probably boosted awareness and increased future consulting prospects. Drop it RackNine!

    I’d suggest Mr. Martin dig out Toxic Timmy, the hand puppet with the falsetto voice, but doubt that would work well in his own robocall fundraising campaign. The key visual effects lost.

    • I’m with you on this. Martin has already apologized. What kind of damages could RackNine possibly have suffered? A loss of community good-will? They are a company that makes automated phone calls! They wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Conservative Party of Canada.

      • Racknine is owned by individuals and Pat Martin called them criminals. They are the ones who are suing him. I think if Stephen Harper called you a criminal, you would file a law suit against him…wouldn’t you?

        • I doubt the owners of RackNine are actually known to that many people. Owning a company like this does not win you any popularity awards from the public. In the eyes of many, the fact that RackNine can even exist and be successful is a crime in itself.

          If RackNine were to disappear, how many would be mourning the loss?

          $5 million in damages — give me a break.

          • Your personal opinions about whether the CEO of Racknine or his company should exist aside, let’s be honest in the big picture, none of us is “known by all that many people”. However, slander laws exist because although our reputations might not be important to anyone but us and our families and friends, they ARE important to us and each of us as an individual has a right to protection from people who would publically lie about us. We also have the right to pursue financial compensation with those lies affect our ability to earn a living.
            If Racknine were to disappear, the owner and the employees would surely be mourning its loss. As for the damages, the person harmed can ask for the sun and the moon, a judge makes the decision about what is ultimately deserved.

    • Funny that a judge will get to decide damages and not you.

      • I’ve heard of cases where $1 is awarded at the end of a lengthy trial. That would be fitting. Or a bad omen.

    • Dot, for goodness sake, Racknine is a company. The owners are the ones Pat Martin called criminals. Future consulting prospects are the the least of their concerns. They have neighbors and friends who now are wondering if they are complicit in election rigging……who gives a crap about their business prospects? You might think Albertans have no pride but we do. Suprise Suprise, some of us take offense to being called cheaters.

      • They have neighbors and friends who now are wondering if they are complicit in election rigging..
        ..who gives a crap about their business prospects?

        Then the owners should sue Pat Martin, NOT the company (that prospect has Helena Guergis written all over it. btw she’s now in law school in Edmonton. Sounds like a good match).

        • Helena Guergis….goodness isn’t she the sweetheart of the Liberal Party?

          • Yes, Rahim has very liberal parties.

          • Haha…good one. Seriously, both the owner and the company will sue Pat Martin because if the company has lost business due to Martin’s false allegations of election fraud and the owner has suffered personally, the damages are bigger.

      • Forgot to add. Do you really think the neighbours in Edmonton take an NDPer like Pat Martin seriously?

        • Pat Martin announced to the entire country that the people at Racknine were involved in election rigging. You don’t think that alot of people aren’t going to believe “where there is smoke, there is fire?”
          Pat Martin has a public forum and he used it to slander people and a company that Elections Canada announced was not guilty. Explain to me why these people should not seek to have him held legally responsible for his actions. He certainly gave no thought to what consequences he was exposing them to when he made his false and very public pronouncement of their guilt. As for the damages, even if they get nothing, it will teach Mr. Martin a powerful lesson to measure out his words before he maligns anyone else’s reputation…..much more so that issuing a half-hearted, late-in-the-day apology.

          • Oh, I don’t disagree that he should be held responsible. Just quibble with the amount they are seeking.

            If it’s gonna cost him $250k for legal fees, it would seem to me that would be a good starting point for an out of court settlement – higher or lower than that amount. Otherwise, it just starts to look to me to be politically motivated.

          • Well it would be politically motivated if the CEO of Racknine was a politician but he is not, he is a businessman who counts on his reputation for being honest so he can prosper in business. Pat Martin, however, is a politician and I think it is safe to say that his ill-thought-out and incorrect statement was definitely politically motivated. Given the comments of the bloggers on this site, there are many who still believe his initial assertion that Racknine and its owners are guility of election fraud despite Election Canada’s assurances that this is NOT true and Mr. Martin’s own statement that it is NOT true. It is isn’t all that easy to put the cat back in the bag once you have let it out. It will be interesting to see Racknine’s lawyers’ proof regarding loss of potential earnings and community goodwill as a result of Mr. Martin’s actions.

  6. Okay where are the bloggers who chastised people for donating to the bus monitor who was bullied at work? Surely you are going to tell people NOT to donate to a person and reward them for….what did you say Thwim….”not doing their job?”
    Pat Martin accused a private citizen of commiting a crime, in front of the nation, before he had any credible evidence. Further, no credible evidence was ever forthcoming. Yet, people believe this private citizen should just accept an apology regardless of the damage Pat Martin did to his reputation…why…because all of you are sooooo kind and forgiving and Pat Martin is such a decent individual?

    • It may very well turn out an apology is more than racknine deserves…Martin ain’t the first to state the most likely conclusion when something extremely fishy turns up. If racknine wants to roll the dice o n “ha ha ha can’t prove it” well, we’ll see how it plays out.

      • Well then feel free to pull out your cheque book and donate to Pat’s defence fund because the absolute defence for slander is afterall, the truth. It does seem odd though that Pat would bother apologizing if infact, “it may very well turn out that an apology is more than racknine deserves”. The point is whether the people who own and operate Racknine knowingly commited election fraud as Pat Martin rushed to judgement before any investigation was completed and stated they did. If that cannot be proven, then Pat Martin made slanderous comments with no evidence that they were true or that they would ever be found to be true. It doesn’t matter that “Pat ain’t the first to do it”, it just matters that Pat did do it. The fact that people like you are following his lead just proves the power that people like Pat Martin have in shaping the opinions of others and why they need to be particularly circumspect when they speak to reporters.

        • Um, no on all counts.

          I’ll just sit back and watch the noose tighten around the CPC neck.

          • What would the guilt or innnocence of the CPC have to do with the cupability of the owners of Racknine? All that company did was provide automatic message calling. Suggesting that they were involved in formulating the message is a big reach. Do you think they are cupable for ever message sent by every one of their customers?

          • I suspect we’re gonna find racknine ain’t so distant from the CPC.

          • Well then what does Pat Martin have to be soliciting lawyer fees for?

          • Cause they sued him?

          • According to an op-ed piece in the National Post, Mr. Martin: admitted what he said was “entirely false” and offered to settle with the CEO of Racknine for making the unsubstantiated and FALSE CLAIM that he and his company were complicit in election irregularities. Thus, it appears that Mr. Martin has already admitted guilt. Further Elections Canada unequivocally said Racklnine and its CEO were under no suspicion. It is time to just admit that Pat Martin messed up and he will have to face his day in court.

          • I would expect him, in the situation to say no less. What he should have said was “there is not yet enough official evidence to substantiate the claim I made.” Sure I could upbraid him for not being more strident in the fight against the CPC in favour of democracy, but it’s not my butt being SLAPPed here.

      • It doesn’t seem like Pat shares your false confidence. Even he knows he’s guilty, and he knows the judge is going to award some serious damages, because he’s a sitting MP who perpetrated a lie without a shred of evidence to back up his accusations, on national television.

        But in the end, it’s your money and you can donate all you want to him. I just don’t know why anybody would want to donate to a guy who’s making over $200,000/year already off the taxpayer.

        • It’s CPC posturing and it won’t go well for them, esp. as investigations continue.

          • Huh? What does supposed “CPC posturing” have to do with the owners/operators of Racknine? I don’t believe the owner/operator is a CPC MP. I know it is desirable to credit the CPC with this business owner’s choice to sue for slander but I think he has seen that he has a good case and he will pursue it. Undoubtedly Pat Martin will settle out of court and that is why he is asking you supporters for some cash to do so.

    • Damn straight. Anybody who supports Martin in this is simply silly. As a politician, he should know better than to speak publicly without proper proof. He’s too big a target and his word can be portrayed as having some sort of influence.

      That said, if it goes to court, RackNine’s gonna have a hell of a time proving any sort of damages.

      But just to be clear.. I didn’t chastise people for donating to the bus monitor.. I pointed out that people donated over 600,000 to the bus monitor who couldn’t control the kids, while leaving the guy who had his face eaten off without enough to even cover his medical bills — and chastised anybody who would care to argue that private charity is any sort of replacement for social assistance.

      • You can get what are called “general damages” just because of such a factor (can’t prove anything) but they will likely be found to have acted in bad faith and this will be a factor. But this is probably going to be “in and out” appeal part 2 – a few days of bluster then quietly run away.

      • Ich….I promised I would never respond to you….here I go….As a person who has over 15 years experience in mental health I can tell you that both the man who got his face bitten and the “biter” likely both suffer from mental health issues and that is why they are homeless. The biter likely suffers from psychosis (inabiblity to distinguish fantasy from reality). Unfortunately, people with psychotic disorders (schizophrenia being a principal one) often end up homeless due to refusals to accept treatment. In Canada we treat everyone who is hospitalized for free and in the US, the bitten man will likely be treated for free because he is indigent. People can and do try to help these people but you cannot force people who won’t accent help do accept it. Schizophrenia is a very complex illness. One of the most frustrating components of the illness is the refusal of the ill person to accept that they are afflicted. If you are not allflicted, you do not need help and therefore you remain untreated and often homeless.
        As for feelings about the bus monitor…perhaps many have found themselves in her place….BULLIED…therefore they can relate…it makes them angry and they want to reach out…..they have the right to assist as a private charity. You as an Albertan who experiences everyday a government who is paying astronomical expencies to its workers…..$348 hundred thousand in personal expensies to a controller at Alberta Health Services …..and a private charity is no replacement for a government operated one….PLEEESE!!

        • Actually, the biter was high on bath salts, from what I remember reading.
          However, that’s irrelevant to the point.

          Private charity is no replacement, specifically because of this. People will donate to what the identify with, and what the media happens to report on. (Proof? Go work in an animal shelter and see what happens after the media runs a report on a wounded animal.. you get hundreds of calls from people who want to adopt that specific animal, and aren’t interested in taking on any of the hundreds of other animals there.)

          And sure, government can waste, but so can private charities. Be glad it was only 348 thousand and not over 4 million each like a couple of priests did: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/florida-priests-embezzled-86m-from-parishioners-418157.html, or the cool million from Goodwill http://www.technology-insight.com/news/accounts-payable-analysis/ap-audit-reveals-charity-executives-1-million-embezzlement-scheme.aspx

          Overall, specifically because of the oversight that government has, the transgressions are relatively minor — especially when considered in the context of the amount they mobilize. Yeah, it’s probably more than you’ll ever make in your lifetime, but try to think of the bigger picture.

          • No there were NO bath salts in the biter’s system….only some cannabis…to the surprise of all. Thus, my theory that he likely was having a psychotic episode. As for your belief that government transitions are “relatively minor”? You cannot be serious. Don’t you remember Bev Oda? The entire Alberta government caucas is spending the way she did. That one AHS official I told you about had an expense account in Alberta of $348 K but he also did the same thing in Ontario and he was getting severence pay of $13k per month since the multiple health regions amalgamated AND the kicker is that AHS rehired him despite his overspending. There is NO oversight. Only when the media gets ahold of a story is theire any investigation.

  7. Am I remembering correctly that it was Racknine who said something like ‘we’re in the busniess of making sure Liberals don’t get elected” or something similar?

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