We are watching (II)


Senator Grant Mitchell is a big fan.

At first, I thought she was simply using her Blackberry for all the things that each of us uses them. But, she never put it down. She was riveted to it, writing feverishly with her thumbs as she blogged the proceedings.  There was a compelling intensity and urgency in her demeanor and in her eyes.

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We are watching (II)

  1. Kady deserves a medal for her service to Canadians!

    • Kady the blogging Queen. Give that lady a pay raise!

    • I’m sure she’d prefer a raise… but then, wouldn’t we all?

    • You mean, “woman in the media business”, right?

  2. You know what I would really, really love (other than to magically be able to control my reflexive blushing when I read stuff like this)? If other people would liveblog committees too, because I can only be in one place at a time, and I really, really think it adds a whole new angle to the political process when MPs or senators realize that people are watching. I know there are a lot of invisible viewers out there who follow the proceedings via Oasis or parlvu, but it’s different when you’re right there in front of them, somehow.

    • Sadly Kady, no one else could come close to your amazing style of journalism. It’s not just that you cover these events, but that you cover them with such a fine grasp of the details, and convey that grasp with such finely-tuned wit. I couldn’t imagine reading Hansard with the same kind of enjoyment as I have reading your accounts. You really are one in a million…sorry, didn’t mean to add to your reflexive blushing.

    • KD:

      If Macleans wants to pay me I will be in Ottawa next week…

      • If they were to pay you Kraft Dinner? I’ll chip in a box and maybe one or two packets of the microwave stuff…

      • I’d offer you some NB government home-brew, but we’re all out: CR downed the whole promotional sample case the other night and started seeing the merits of government being so far up everyone’s…

        • I’ll have to stay away from government brew from now on. Too much of a hangover in the morning.

          • The kids can’t get enough of Tilley’s!

    • What I can’t get over is that ITQ obviously berry-types at a mile a minute and yet her style is so sharp. Not to mention her memory for everything Parliamentary. You might get a fast typist, you might get an HST-style wit, you might get somebody with instant recall of everything said for the last two Parliaments, but all three together? No no, there’s only one ITQ.

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