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Glen Pearson blogs about Joe Clark’s appearance before the foreign affairs committee.

When Mr. Clark stated that he couldn’t understand why the Harper government pulled much of its aid out of Africa, there was great discomfort on the Conservative side, causing one such member to confront Mr. Clark by saying the present government still donated hugely to Africa. On the way out, I overheard one of their members say that he had to get that “out there” because blogger Kady O’Malley had been in the room and he hoped she covered what he said. Repeatedly, politics and perception trump reality.

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We are watching

  1. wow. the only reason they *bothered* is becuz somebody was watching? gives me great *comfort* to know what i can rely on where these ppl are concerned. this applies to other concerns that Canadians have. *scary*

  2. It’s kind of like Schrödinger’s cat. Kady affects the outcome of committee meetings merely by observing them.

  3. For the record, parliamentary secretary, she did, but she would nevertheless like to remind all members that everything they say is ultimately recorded for posterity in the official transcript, so even if ITQ isn’t there, they should always make the effort to “get out” whatever point they consider worth making. Really!

    • I contend it’s the junk food causes it! The IQ of yr average member of parliament is clearly in free fall. At this rate they’ll start concluding if yr not there, whether they actually bother to tell the truth or not is immaterial!… oh… they do that already, don’t they?… Forget about it then!

    • Readership of the official transcript…?
      Readership of ITQ…?
      We can mock the partisan obviousness in the candid admission, but we cannot dispute the rational choice being described.

    • That’s exactly why ITQ fulfills A REAL NEED for coverage.

      The only time I’ve ever noted a minor lapse in coverage was when I viewed CPAC after the fact, and noticed Gary Goodyear VOGUEING … a la madonna, for the camera. Smile, Wink, Nod, while possibly leaving trace elements in the room. “Awright you[z]e guys, outa my office … and you can come back to getchur coats when I’m not here!”

  4. “He had to get that out there…”! All i care about is: is that statement in fact true? Otherwise…

    • I hope it’s clear i meant the member’s stsatement about African aid, not Kady’s recollection of course!

  5. Kady,
    I hope the mulroney scriber scandal is at the end of March. But when is the CONS IN/OUT (Elections Canada) Date with the courts….It seems to be taking a long time!!!
    I guess harpers best before date has come and gone. You think?
    I think Mr. Page should be given the million dollars. I mean harpers onlyl going to buy some more votes in Quebec…Ops.. strike that out…maybe Alberta……..
    Thanks for the great coverage of everything committee.

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