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We don’t govern on the basis of statistics, but statistics prove we’re governing well


Vic Toews takes credit for the latest decline in the crime rate.

Crime rate down 6% – shows #CPC tough on crime is working. Rate is still 208% above 1962 levels, more work for our gov’t to do

Questions for further discussion: If the overall crime rate’s decline demonstrates the success of the Harper government’s approach, does the rise in the homicide rate demonstrate a failing on the part of the government? And does the general decline in the crime rate since 1991 validate the policies of previous governments?

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We don’t govern on the basis of statistics, but statistics prove we’re governing well

  1. This validates the things my party supports and obviously proves the other parties are wrong! (no need to adjust, that comment will work no matter what party you prefer)

    • This is my new favourite comment. Well done sir!

  2. Surely any negative factors are somehow the Liberals fault?

  3. Does this mean the CPC wants to turn Canada back to 1962? What is so magical about it as year zero?

    • 1962 was the year the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey started – that’s the survey which is the source for these data.

      • In that case, I’m kinda surprised he didn’t slip up and say he wanted to return to 1961 :)

        • Dief is the Chief, Dief is the Chief,
          Dief will be the Chief again,
          Everybody’s happy back in ’57,
          And nobody’s happy since then,
          There was law in the land, order in the home,
          Swimming in the river back then,
          But I know in my heart, that Dief will be the Chief,
          And a dollar worth a dollar again

          • Nobody counted on ’59 though. Wouldn’t rhyme either.

          • Well, somebody gets it.

            Maybe Steve wants to take us back to 1962 and fork the timeline.

  4. Andrew Lang ~ An unsophisticated forecaster uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts – for support rather than for illumination.

  5. Giving Vic Toews access to statistics is like letting him run with scissors.

  6. Is Toews seriously taking credit for the drop in the crime rate in 2011, based on changes to the criminal code that the Tories passed in DECEMBER of 2011???

    Was there not a single crime committed anywhere in the country in the last half of December 2011 or something???

    • Toews has magical retroactive powers.

    • Everybody knows that criminals scour the parliamentary gazette for the coming into force date of legislation, and then….don’t actually follow it.

    • In Toews defence, he doesn’t actually know the details of the bill that got passed.

  7. Just a standard deviation from his normal mean.

    • …or mien

      • or meanness