We get emails


Or rather, we get forwarded emails that have been sent to some large number of emails Liberals . From the Inkless emailbox:

If your family is anything like mine, you don’t always agree with each other. Sometimes you fight, and I’d be willing to bet that no one knows how to push your buttons the way certain members of your family can.

But when the chips are down, most of us turn first to our families for support and encouragement. And at times like that, families set their differences aside and pull together to fight for what’s right.

We Liberals are a family, too. And we sometimes have our differences. But we are united in our belief that government should protect its citizens – all of them – and that the magnificence of Canada results from its diversity, rather than in spite of it. We believe that prosperity and social justice go hand-in-hand and that the global climate change crisis must be addressed with immediate action.

Those Liberal values are under attack in this election, and now is the time for our entire Liberal family to pull together and fight back. As my Liberal brother or sister, I’m asking you to help me now.

I am tremendously proud of the campaign we are running, of the team we have fielded and of the principled leadership of Stéphane Dion. With the united support of all Liberals, we can and will win this election and create a richer, fairer, greener Canada.

The alternative is more of Stephen Harper’s Conservative ideology, intimidation and iron-fisted dismantling of the Canada we know and love. Do you really want more of that? I don’t think so.

Yours in Liberalism,

Doug Ferguson,


We get emails

  1. “yours in liberalism” is my new motto.

  2. As touching as a bag of hammers.

  3. Where’s my Harper form letter, signed “yours in opaqueness”

  4. I’m somewhat disappointed that what a Liberal stands for today is so much different than what Liberals once stood for.

    In this particular letter, it’s funny how Mr. Ferguson defines a Liberal as someone who likes Dion’s platform.

    There’s that enigmatic and totally undefinable term social justice again, which tends to mean we Liberals know what’s better for all of you.

  5. Sure reads like there’s a family crisis all right.

  6. Did you hear the meme going around about stealth Conservatives? Pretty funny.

    You can google. I’d link, but I don’t want to send any riff-raff to those blogs.

  7. Yes, we Liberals need to learn more about screetching fire and brimstone to the converted (and few innocent bystanders) like the CoNservatives do in their monthly money launde— er fundraising. Really, I’m being complimentary here.

  8. I wish I could find a copy of the begging letter the Conservatives sent out during the Israel-Hezbollah war, when Canadians were being asked to shell out for “moral clarity.”

    I thought people would be turned off by Harper’s moral bankruptcy at that point, but I doubt anyone (least of all, the ‘journalists’) remembers it.

  9. Today’s nominee for Great Moments in Wagon Circling.

  10. Sounds like family counselling is urgently needed.

  11. No time like the present.
    Of course, tomorrow’s a new day. On Wednesday, stay tuned for wagon masters Hash Harper and Sheb Flaherty as they march the crew thru a scenic patch of the bleak mountain peaks and valleys: “I’m sure the Donner party knew where it was goin,” Hash says.

  12. He had to know that letter would get out. Wells and Duffy both had it instantly..and he’s not even asking for money, just that everyone play nice?

    Why is this letter even necessary? It could only serve to shine more light on perceived Liberal infighting.

    no one knows how to push your buttons the way certain members of your family can


  13. I am tremendously proud of the campaign we are running, so would you all stop your damn bickering and unnamed Globe-sourcing in the middle of the campaign I’m so proud of? Oh wait, one of those might’ve been me…

  14. It could only serve to shine more light on perceived Liberal infighting.

    Yeah, Jane Taber, John Ivison and the entirety of the Asper Media Empire have really done their best to keep the perception of infighting rather understated and low key.

  15. Jane Taber, John Ivison..blah, blah Asper Media Empire..blah..

    What does the media reporting on Liberal infighting have to do with the Liberal Party president sending a letter confirming it?

  16. One of the G & M blogs has this letter – but says that it was sent by a Tory, not a Liberal

  17. If the text is true, it matters not that it was made public.

  18. I mean, it matters not who made it public. That sounds closer to what I was originally thinking.

  19. but says that it was sent by a Tory, not a Liberal

    A Tory passed it along, the Liberal president wrote it. That what you meant?

    Mr. Ferguson said in the letter, which was distributed by a Tory spokeswoman Monday evening.

  20. What does…blah blah blah *pop* *sputter*…a letter confirming it?

    There’s no secret here and there’s not “shining anything on anything.” It’s not even remarkable.

    It’s journamalism.

  21. I think it’s a hoax.

  22. I like the letter. Reminds of Thanksgiving dinner. Also reminds me of the TV show Brothers & Sisters.

  23. It reminds me of The Brothers Karamazov.

  24. What does…blah blah blah *pop* *sputter*…a letter confirming it?

    Aww..muffin. Somebody’s little feelings got hurt.

  25. It’s a great letter. Comforting, like a soft dacron sweater vest on a crisp autumn evening.

  26. If the letter is real, itis a telling indictment of the conduct of the campaign thus far.

    If the letter is a hoax, it is both (a) an unfair stunt that has no business in a campaign and (b) an effective prank because it has the feel and flavour of the obvious desperation of the LPC’s campaign.

    Somewhere, some day, there may be *issues* to discuss. Please stand on guard, Canada.

  27. haieis!!

  28. Well, I’m a member of the Liberal Party. I’ve gotten the e-mails asking for money. I haven’t gotten this one yet. It does sound like something they’d send, even if it lacks the attack on Harper’s record that these sorts of things usually contain.

    Maybe it’ll come in the morning.

  29. This holiday season, I’d recommend the Liberals skip “the airing of grievances” when they sit down to celebrate festivus.

  30. I wonder how effective those types of letters are. Do Libs read it and say to themselves Ferguson is right, we should stop the infighting, or does the letter confirm worst suspicions and make them think their chicken little behaviour is appropriate.

  31. “…that the global climate change crisis must be addressed with immediate action.”

    That line alone reminds the party faithful of the Green Shift fiasco and probably caused more than one cheque book to be left unopened.

    Most Liberal rank and file saw the environment as a gimmick to ride their way back to power, not something that actually requires anything amounting to real “immediate action.” Only Dion and Lizzie May actually beleive that.

  32. Conservative Picture Day
    Smile! Damn it smile! But Daddy I can’t smile I’m not happy with some of you’re . . .
    Shut Up. Here’s a little trick I pickup from that beauty queen Sarin Palin. Rub some Vaseline over your front teeth and when you start to forget to smile you will taste the Vaseline. Here borrow some of mine, I have a tub full, got it from Costco.

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