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We need a royal commission


Chris Warkentin is not entirely satisfied with David McGuinty’s resignation and apology.

For Warkentin, although the resignation has been heard by the party and he is happy with the results, more still needs to be done by the Liberals. He adds that McGuinty was not present in the House of Commons for the duration of Wednesday, but he did issue a statement late Wednesday evening in which he “unreservedly and unequivocally apologize(d) for (the) comments.”

“We don’t believe that is far enough,” said Warkentin. “We need an explanation as to why he said what he said and we expect a full apology, I mean this idea that he doesn’t need to show up in the house nor does he have to face what he has said is unacceptable.”


We need a royal commission

  1. LOL What….the Con con isn’t working?

    Well, let’s lay it on a little thicker then eh?

  2. All Conservative MPs will be issuing statements on the matter shortly. Pierre Poilievre will release Peter Penashue’s for him.

  3. For my money…..Chris Warkentin has a lot of explaining to do himself. McGuinty slipped up in his comments true enough, but he apologized and stepped down…..the RIGHT thing to do. Instead of looking to make a meal out it, perhaps Warkentin would take a page out of the Liberal book to see what accountibility looks like….lord knows the Conservatives promised a ton of it and we have yet to see ANY of it…..no matter how much they steal in elections, lie in the House or just generally behave like donkey’s back ends. In short Chris Warkentin….get stuffed I think I am not making a big leap to say that the ‘feigned’ outrage is a bit rich coming from the like of you and your party.

    • I’m sure the people of Alberta are much more angry with Warkentin than the Eastern MP who declared that they shouldn’t be represented in Parliament.

  4. “I mean this idea that he doesn’t need to show up in the house nor does he have to face what he has said is unacceptable.”

    Living proof that this bunch of cons are immune to irony. Your lips are moving but it’s still pretty clear whose hand is up your butt Warkentin.

  5. I checked the link provided and nowhere did I see that anyone was asking for a Royal Commission.

    Then I thought—Wherry is being sarcastic. I don`t like that. This is serious stuff.

    We can`t have the media not taking these guys seriously—next thing you know MP`s will be having a big hugathon—giving each other awards for most promising, most gentlemanly, etc.. Free liquor and food provided—well not free, but you know what i mean.

    • There is no request for a royal commission – Wherry was just concocting his own little farce for added dramatic effect.

  6. I’d like to thank David McGuinty for at least temporarily, knocking the Cons off the carbon tax talking point.

    • Not yet. That’s the next step in the demand for an escalating apology: they want McGuinty to apologize for the NDP’s recovery-killing carbon tax because… well…because they’re all opposition members on that side of the House and because the words “carbon” and “McGuinty” both start with letters of the alphabet.

  7. *sigh*

    You know what, Chris? The man was entirely right: if you want to play provincial interests, go play it in provincial politics. Provincial interests have no place when one is charged with the future of the nation.

    Of course, the man believes that the free market will decide if we’ll ever decriminalize DRM stripping.