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‘We need your help’


An email from Team Justin.

Friend —

Justin has only been in this race for 50 days, and the Conservative Party’s attack machine is already operational.

This isn’t a surprise. That’s been the other side’s strategy from the beginning: negative, negative, negative.

Can you chip in $10 or more right now to help us fight back?

This week we saw them cynically spin out-of-context comments. Check out this story in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Before long, they will jam the airways with negative ads trashing Justin.

They’ve done it before. They’re trying to do it again. I’ll be blunt: we need your help.

Justin is running a positive campaign focused on the issues that matter to middle-class Canadians. While the Conservative Party re-hashes old attacks from the past, we are focused on expanding economic security and guaranteeing opportunity for all.

Let’s stand with Justin – will you chip in to help?


Justin Campaign Team


‘We need your help’

  1. Trudeau is running a positive campaign and it’s not fair that people are examining his comments about how Cons voters are basically supporting Hitler!

    • Yup, that’s pretty much how she goes……………

      • Ask yourself, if you can, just who started this bull crap?

  2. Those nasty Tories telling Canadians the truth about what Justin really said…..I wonder if it has occurred to the Justin brain trust that had wonder boy not made such stupid comments in the first place he would not have to be held accountable for them now.

  3. Trudeau was musing about separation from Canada just a few months ago. Maybe Trudeau can let us know what we have to do to keep him pleased – Canada is clearly inadequate and we must keep the dauphin happy.

    Globe Sept 2012
    Did Justin Trudeau really say he would support Quebec separating from Canada? Maybe, in the most hypothetical of hypothetical situations.

    During a 16 minute radio interview in French with Radio-Canada broadcast Sunday, the Montreal Liberal MP was asked if he currently recognizes Canada under Stephen Harper. Mr. Trudeau’s answer clearly caught the host off guard.

    “I always say, if at a certain point, I believe that Canada was really the Canada of Stephen Harper – that we were going against abortion, and we were going against gay marriage and we were going backwards in 10,000 different ways – maybe I would think about wanting to make Quebec a country.”

    • Not seeing the problem here. Justin is right: if an overwhelming majority of Canadians actually did support Harper and his agenda? Then yes, Quebec really would be the envy of sensible Canadians if they got out of the madhouse. Thankfully, Harper’s far right views are held only by a minority of Canadians, but our political system nonetheless gives him a stranglehold on power. Go figure.

  4. This is eerily reminiscent of Con “we are victims of the evil, dastardly, progressive coalition and we need your money to defeat them” pitches for cash.

    Politics is so…I dunno’…unseemly.

    • It is depressing, and almost certainly [at least partially] down to the dumb decision to roll back the twonnie subsidy. Now partisans of all stripes are faced with deciding to cough up funds to their preferred candidate or party regardless of performance or mistakes. Because you know the other side isn’t going to relent.

      • Yup. It would be nice to think that one A. Coyne is getting
        about ten of them a day …

        • I hope they’re coming to his house.

        • Why the Coyne hate?

          • It’s not hate [ most of us here @ macleans like or respect the guy – he was here at one time] But he was/is a big promoter of no, or much less, public funding of political parties, and specifically ending the per vote sub. There were lively debates here, many of us strenuously disagreed with him.

            This is the result of relying on party fundraising exclusively – turning all the parties into the equivalent of political whores, on your back day and night for donations to fight the evil meanie enemy…thank you muchly SH, ably abetted by one Andrew – market obsessed- Coyne.
            The irony is that it will likely save very little money, as my party[ LPC] reminds me endlessly that my $10 donation will only cost me $2 thanks to the magic of tax credits…my donation out of your unwilling pocket friend Ironman[ assuming you aren’t a lib] Thankyou sir!

          • Coyne’s also against the tax credit on donations as well, and he’s written at least one article calling the Tories out for shutting down the subsidy but mantaining the tax credit. I’m personally happy when no political party is taking any of my money unless I give it to them, so I support the end of tax credits as well as the per vote subsidy. Free market for the win.

          • I’ve never seen AC post anything against tax credit donations – at least not while at macleans; do you know where you saw it?
            Completely disagree. There’s room for both. If anything wind up, or curtail the tax credit, rather than the voter sub. I don’t entirely disagree with Coyne’s thesis that they have too much money. I disagree with the which sub they are cutting. The per voter sub has political parties chasing vote in every possible seat in the country – not using fear as a means to pry $ out of folks like you and me.

          • I think it was an article at the Post, though it could also have been one of the millions of tweet that guy produces every week. Dude’s an addict.

        • A mighty yay, hear hear, damn right! Where does he live?

  5. Man, Cons are really worried about this! That’s hilarious.

    • It’s not the Conservative’s sending out the email.

      • Mmm no, I didn’t say that.

        Cons are doing the freaking and attacking.

        • That’s the assertion the Liberals are making. But it bears keeping in mind that the first ‘attack’ wasn’t the result of any staffer in the PMO but the poor choice of words of a Liberal MP. The Tories would have gone after it regardless of the timing because it fits into their overall narrative about the Grits. The by-election did impact the Liberals response to that gaffe though. There’s no way McGuinty would have been forced to give up his critic role under normal circumstances. It’s also important to keep in mind that the story was broken by SUN news not the Conservatives, and while the two organizations do have a very close relationship, trying to find a connection between anti-Alberta sentiments and Trudeau ties into the news organizations narrative as well. It’s not beyond reason to think that Atkin’s found this one on his own.

          • Libs aren’t making any assertion.

            Cons are attacking….they always attack. It’s what they do.

          • Its amazing how quickly people forget the “marching in street corners” ad. Its politics, parties brutally attack each other, often not on policy issues. Is that a good thing, probably not. But its not unique to the Conservatives, nor did it really start with any of our current politicians. Politics is crap, and has remained crap for so long because voters like yourself turn the blame to one specific brand instead of demanding better from all politicians. So Cons always attack, sure why not. But so do the Libs, so do the NDP, so will any future party. The deterioration of national politics only stops when they are all held to account.

          • To be fair, it’s easy to forget since it never ever ever aired. Ever. More never evers than Taylor Swift. I do, however, remember the one where the cons made fun of Mr. Chretien’s bell’s palsy. Because that one hit the airwaves.

          • Mmm no, I gave up on them years ago, and don’t belong to any party.

          • She’s talking about the CPC supporters in here.

          • Oh. Still a weird conclusion to take from the comments on this article.

          • Better get used to it. For EmilyOne conclusions don’t have to make sense. That’s her game to fame……..

          • I thought it was descibed by Sun News as a leak – finding it as part of the investigative process is not a leak. Please correct me of I am wrong.

          • Brian Lilley used the phrase ‘ we were tipped off’ when he broke this with David Akin. Of course it could have come from one of his Lib rivals…

          • That would be down right Machiavellian if it was. God, wouldn’t it be amazing if one of the candidates everyone’s been mocking as no names managed to take this shot across the Trudeau campaign’s bow?

          • Sun News, not the Cons – funniest thing I’ve heard on this. Keep your wits about you, there is a turnip truck coming to get ya.

  6. Trudeau’s definition of “positive” is a rather funny one. Apparently, trashing Alberta is positive.

  7. First Trudeau insults and then asks for money. I hope them emails aren’t sent out to Albertans …..oops, I meant ‘Harper’s region of the country….

  8. I’m stuck wondering how they know (unless they troll the Macleans blogs) that I’m not a supporter of Trudeau in the leadership race? Because I’m definitely a Liberal, but I never got this. Unless it only went to donors and volunteers?