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Week Two


This is the week that was.

The Liberals tabled their platform (which included some democratic reforms). The Conservatives tabled their platform (which includes billions in new cuts they haven’t figured out yet) And the Greens tabled their platform too

Stephen Harper said he’d moved on from his interest in debating Michael Ignatieff. There are still at least two questions for Mr. Harper.

The Conservatives deemed Awish Aslam (among others) unwelcome. The NDP showed off a photo of Ms. Aslam standing near Jack Layton. The Liberals told Mr. Harper to stop creeping. Mr. Harper deferred to his staff. And then hypothetically apologized.

Mr. Ignatieff took the lead in the Facebook vote. Mr. Harper explained what he wouldn’t have done had he known what he knows now about Bruce Carson. Mr. Harper challenged everyone to a crowd-measuring contest (and lost in Hamilton).The Harper government tried to limit the purview of the Military Police Complaints Commission. Things got interesting in some of the other 308 elections. Mr. Harper’s bubble got crowded. Canadians remained conflicted over coalitions. And there remains the small matter of $6-billion.

Adsadsadsadsads and more ads.

Mr. Harper promised a fitness tax credit (so long as he’s Prime Minister in 2015), loans for new immigrants and expanded tax-free savings accounts (so long as he’s Prime Minister in 2015). John Baird kind of promised to never again pursue cap-and-trade.

Mr. Ignatieff promised education assistance for veterans, a rural agenda and a commitment to public health care.

Mr. Layton promised pension reform, family care, crime prevention, and new national defence priorities.

Peter Devries dissected the Conservative platform. There were questions about the effectiveness of corporate tax cuts. David Dodge demanded an adult discussion about the future of health care. Kevin Milligan critiqued tax credits. Walter Wymer critiqued the press. Dan Gardner considered the way politicians talk and what this election will mean for the future of Parliament. Gerard Kennedy spoke up about the trouble with Parliament. I wrote about Jenni Byrne and Jack Layton and considered the value of context.


Week Two

  1. You mean: Week Two from a shameless Liberal perspective, right?

  2. The Liberal's have a sound plan to move forward in the economy and promote the middle class. This is by far a better plan than to implement measures that will cause a decline in the middle class.

    It concerns me that the large American bargain stores are expanding in Canada. They are banking on the Conservative agenda taking root in Canada as it has it the US.

    Vote Liberal and preserve our social and economic futures.

    • Right on!!! We need to get every one we can to vote the Harper Republicans out of office before it is too late. Our democracy is hurting and Harper must go! He gets off on trying to make Michael an American when in reality Harper is more american than he is Canadian. He actually wants a FOX NEWS NORTH!!!!!!!!!

    • I disagree with your comment. I really don't like the cap and trade portion that the Liberals state they will implement immediately. I think this would not only cost the consumer, but would also make our industries non – competitive with the USA and indeed China India Brazil etc. As for the social programs, …. well I'll just opine that I don't think much of them either.

    • yes we really have to protect ourselves fro american style retail,it's the most insidious tactic they have. Move to Nunavut so to shield yourself from the terror of reduced prices and better selection OMG!

      • Goodness, I think you missed my point. I don't have a problem with discount stores. The problem is that is what is growing in Canada and the others are not. This might indicate that the corporations are expecting an increased need for the discount stores due to a declining middle class.

  3. Love the "hypothetically apologized" …

    What is wrong with people who communicate like that ?

  4. More like a shameless Liberal hack. lol. Just one of the many messages that Wherry and gang don't like to hear. They say they want democracy, but they really care only about what they want. For example, a fourth $300 million election that nobody else actually wants. lol

    • I do. So you're wrong.

      • When he said nobody he meant the 38% that voted Conservative in the last election did not want an election.

  5. Yes, but then how would his supervisors at Tory war room know that he is filling his daily quota?

  6. It's been an interesting week…..and it's going to be hysteria going into, and coming out of the debates.

    Time to get my ear plugs out I guess. LOL

  7. From his asides, I could agree with your comment.

  8. I wonder how many of those Facebook voters will turn up at the polls.

    • Facebook people are as serious as you are.

      • yes but they get so caught up in what justin is doing that they forget to vote.

        • Justin who?

          • Oh him….anyone into Bieber is too young to vote anyway. LOL

          • Justin Case :-)

  9. We can already see how week three is ready to unfold, Iggy is scaremongering that the Prime Minister is going to cut health care tranfers in order to pay for the jets that are not even coming until 2016. And I think Iggy may have to start costing some of the 28 billion in campaign bribes, other than that I think his tank is dry and he will fizzle to a stop shortly. On the other hand he can always fall back on his Heather Mallicky scorched earth scenario if canadians give Harper a majority.

  10. Get ready for Alberta Bashing (default leftard position) in weeks going forward as Iggy gets desperate.

    • On your marks:

      "Alberta is mostly flat. Then you start to see the Rockies. Keep going."

      Let;s get ready to rrrrruuuuuuuumble! (With apologies to 'Stampede Wrestling")

    • Get ready for more made up budget numbers and coalition threats in the weeks going forward as the cons get desperate.

  11. I'm always ready to hear Conservatives ridicule persons with mental retardation. My deceased daughter was such a person, born with a chromosome defect (partial 18q monosomy). She died aged 28. She was sweet and could have never hurt a fly, or a person . She suffered tremendously all her life. Thank you for making me think of her first things this morning. It helps me cope with idiots like you.

    • OK, I apologize for using that term how about replacing it with 'lefty'

      • Well that certainly reads like a typically sincere conservative apology.

      • Flip flopper.

        • Whatever

          • No need to apologize. I can't blame you for being a victim of propaganda. However, I am surprised that an organization like Maclean's, or the Globe and Mail, permits this.

  12. Mr. Wherry?

    Do you "hate" Harper?

    It appears clear that many commenters here do. A visceral angry kind of hate that precludes any agreement with him on any subject for any reason.

    It was recently discussed by someone deeply enmeshed within the Ottawa press that members of that group "hate" Harper.

    • I certainly don't hate Harper. I think he's an idiot. But I don't hate him.

    • And I would not accept that someone ridicule Mr. Harper's physical appearance or family lineage or lisp, like the Harper Conservatives did for Dion.

  13. Many writers in the US described a phenonon called "Bush Derangement Syndrom" wherein many on the left, and including the overwhelming population of journalists who, as you know, lean left,

    viewed with malice everything Bush did. At the time he had no redeeming qualiites, and viewed through this prism of hatred, everything he did had malevolent intentions.

    It appears that Harper Derangement Syndrome has taken hold in Canada. The hatred seems palapable (and now outwardly admitted), as does correpsonding unhinged coverage.

    Consider that the coverage of background of an EX PMO STAFFER, has continued for weeks, whereas a CURRENT CANDIDATE for Iggy being the founder of a WHITE SUPREMIST GROUP came and went with barely a whisper.

    The CPC's eject a couple of suspected NDP/Liberal supporters, and not only is it mentioned but it becomes a front page Headline grabbing story complete with analysis as to why it is so sinister, sounding more like commenters on this blog than serious, objective news people.

    The media has become unhinged. And it appears to be founded on an unhealthy (and of course completely unprofessional) hatred of our PM.

    • You may want to study the phenomenon called "Victim Playing".

      • Like Heather Mallick?

    • Hmm, the whole story goes that, as soon as Ignatieff heard about it, he had it investigated. Once the party had confirmed the story, the candidate was dismissed. Did he stubbornly and wrongheadedly stick with the bad apple? No. Were any underlings blamed? No.
      You're right, Chet. Maybe the media should have jumped on this story a little more, so Canadians could see an example of how real leaders lead. I know I'm a bigger fan of Mr. Ignatieff's now than I was before.

      • You, an obvious ardent Liberal supporter, and the media, appear to be in perfect agreement.

        No questions about whether Iggy knew the fellow was the leader of a White Supremist organization, if so how could he have let him on, and if not how could the party not have looked, what are their standards for vetting etc….you know, all of the questions that are plastered on the news pages when it deals with Conservatives.

        Iggy simply says "I have dealt with it, case closed", and the media duly complies with the case being closed.

        Like a corrupt ref callling penalties to get the "wrong team" back to their own 10 yard line, while putting the whistle away for the "correct team".

        • Not as obviously ardent in my Liberal support as you might think (hint: Re-elect Linda Duncan! Wooooo!), but when you're as in the bag as you are for the Conservatives, I know how hard a time you must have understanding almost everybody else in the world as being any different.

          Now, if only Mr. Harper had dealt with Bruce Carson (and Bev Oda. And Jason Kenney) as swiftly and as surely as in this example set by Mr. Ignatieff, he too might have a reputation as a leader. But alas and alack (especially a lack).

          • Iggy condemned the "statements" but what about his being a founder of the WHITE SUPREMIST group. Did Iggy know? Seems like a basic question that not a single person in the media seems to want to ask? What sort of vetting did the party do, even if Iggy didn't know, which at this point is a very big "if"?

            You happily report that Iggy hasn't laid the blame elsewhere, comfortable in the knowlege that he hasn't had to answer anything. No one even asked him who's "fault" it was, let alone even daring to suggest somehow Iggy could be faulted for it. A corrupt liberal media calling penalites to try to get the CPC back at their own ten yard line while putting away the whistle for the Libs is the epic scandal of our generation, to be sure.

          • The background of a former staffer, long since gone from the office occupies headlines for weeks on end (Carson). But a WHITE SUPREMIST LEADER currently in Liberal caucus, just days away of potentially becoming an MP? "Hey what's the problem, Iggy says its fine so, we're good with that" so says our "balanced" media.

            Like a corrupt referee calling penalites to get the CPC onto their ten yard line, while putting the whistle away for the Liberals.

            A scandal of our generation to be sure.

  14. Elections in Canada always wind up the same–far too many parasites and not enough 'hosts'. They won't be happy until all the 'hosts' have expired.

  15. Green Party platform point:

    "Because of the environmental burden, clothes will be verboten."

    I'll go for that!