Welcome to Ottawa, Deputy Premier Lukaszuk


Jason Kenney hits reply all.

Kenney shot back a response just five minutes later, but instead of sending it only to Calkins’ office, he inadvertently sent it to everyone in the 26-member federal Alberta caucus, plus assistants: “I say a definite ‘no’ to Lukaszyk. I don’t think it makes sense to create a precedent to do a special caucus meeting for every visiting minister from the provincial government. Plus he is a complete and utter asshole.”

Adding insult to injury, Kenney also managed to misspell Lukaszuk’s name.

This is not the first time interoffice communications have proved problematic for Mr. Kenney. Nor the first time that a Conservative cabinet minister has been caught swearing about another level of government.


Welcome to Ottawa, Deputy Premier Lukaszuk

  1. I bet our Lib msm will be all aflutter today at Kenney’s salty language in private email. Libs think of themselves as Miss Manners’, no focus on policy or ideas but care a great deal about our speech and deportment.

    • Oh, I can handle salty language, quite like it in fact. I just marvel at the obtuse stupidity of making something “private” and offensive so public, and at the fact that our national government clearly has nothing but contempt for those in the provincial legislatures. But go ahead and obfuscate the issue, if it makes you feel better. BTW: how DID it become public? Surely a CPC backbencher MP didn’t release it?

      • I wonder what we’d find if we went back and looked at some right wing commenters reaction when Trudea, noting that Peter Kent kept an MP from attending a meeting and then lambasted her for not attending it, had choice words for Peter Kent.

        • Let’s give benefit of doubt and assume both comments were planned and calculated. Trudeau risks upsetting Peter Kent and the conservative party faithful – no huge loss there since his last name alone pretty thoroughly alienated that audience on the day he was born. Jason Kenney risks upsetting a broad swath of Alberta tories, some of whom are already coming to view the federal cons with distaste. How smart does that make Kenney? Alienating part of his base?

          • It would be divisive, which is what they accuse Mulcair of being.

          • Uh-huh, because saying the oilsands are getting a “bit of a free ride in terms of using the air, the soil or the water” and calling Alberta’s deputy premier ” a complete and utter asshole” are semantically equivalent and are equally divisive.

          • And Flaherty saying Ontario is the worst place to invest, demonstrates that this government is always supportive of the provinces.

      • “our national government clearly has nothing but contempt for anyone who isn’t a federal conservative party member, and preferably also part of the oil industry.”

        Fixed that for you.

        • Yes, our national government showed its utter, seething contempt for the Ontario-based automobile manufacturing industry by giving it billions of dollars in bailout money.
          That’d be that Canadian automobile manufacturing industry whose workforce is represented by that Conservative-Party dominated CAW.

          • I like this one much more. You didn’t put unsubstantiated accusations or obvious unintended generalizations into his mouth, but brought up separate, verifiable facts to show him incorrect.

  2. We get a glimpse into the levels of contempt Harpers team shows when there is no photo -op !P.S. Did’nt we just have an election about contempt ?

  3. There was also that circa 2000 tape of Kenney talking about “overheated Sikhs playing the race card,” a transcript of which Frank magazine published.

  4. Might have to give Minister Kenney a pass on this one. Sometimes people have no choice but to swear because there is absolutely no other word that holds the precise meaning they seek. And in this case, it is Deputy Premier Lukaszuk he is talking about.
    …though there’s no real excuse for misspelling the man’s name.

    • Then sometimes people, especially in Kenney’s position, should just shut the hell up.

      Besides, it’s not the swear that’s really the problem, and anybody who tries to make out that it is is either missing the point or deliberately trying to confuse it.

      The problem is that Kenney thought it useful or important that he insult the deputy premier personally. Had he used the phrases “jerk” or “pain in the rear” or even something as innocuous as “nancy-boy”, it still would have been completely inappropriate.

      • I was mostly being facetious, but you’re absolutely right, Thwim.

        This has been a revealing item. I’m no fan of the my province’s ruling party and I wouldn’t have expected them to handle this with any amount of grace, but they have. It’ll be interesting to see who emerges from this looking like a statesman and who ultimately winds up wearing the ‘asshole’ label.

  5. I look forward to the unfolding of the relationship between the Harper government and the new government of Alberta.

  6. On the one hand, this shows a total lack of decorum that should be expected of someone in Mr. Kenney’s position. On the other hand, Mr. Kenney is absolutely right.

  7. Just goes to show you shouldn’t write emails while looking
    in the mirror.

  8. So … who DID release the email to the media? How did it come to be public?

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