Welcome to the infomercial


Jason Kenney displays the latest advancement in communications.

Cabinet ministers often arrive at Commons hearings with their own entourage in tow. But Immigration Minister Jason Kenney surprised the immigration committee Thursday by bringing his own backdrops.

Bright Conservative blue with small maple leaf flags and the name of Mr. Kenney’s new program for families spelled out in white lettering, they were erected behind the minister and in front of the visitors gallery, effectively blocking the committee proceedings from some members of the media and obscuring the view of other onlookers.

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Welcome to the infomercial

  1. We need a ‘Hollywood’ in Canada.

    Right now the only ways you can become famous here means being a hockey player or a politician.

    Well, hockey is out for most of them….but so many of our politicians seem to actually be frustrated singers, piano players and slap-chop salesmen.

  2. Cracking wise about infomercials when Maclean’s gives awards to pols for being awesome? 

  3. Huh.

    Kinda sad.

  4. Here’s a new word for Mr. Kenney to add to his vocabulary: hubris, defined by one authority as “excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance”.

  5. Wow, JK really has lost quite a bit of weight.

  6. Meanwhile, the minister of finance is going around warning Canadians that cuts are needed and that programs (unnamed) are at risk.  I would respectfully suggest to the minister that he starts looking very close to him as a start. Above him even better.  I refuse to pay for His makeup artist if they start cutting programs.

  7. “Small town cheap” comes to mind.

    • I admire your mind.

  8. That’s just pathetic.

    Kudos to Tory MP David Tilson, Chair of the committee, for agreeing that that idiocy needed to be stopped.

  9. Think of the savings if we kept the backdrops and got rid of Kenney.

  10. The tedium “is” the message.

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