Well, this sucks …


… CanWest’s David Akin reports that Dave Batters, who is one of my very favourite Tory MPs, has been hospitalized for unspecified, but serious medical reasons. Hopefully he’ll be back on the job before too long.


Well, this sucks …

  1. He’s a fairly young guy too, isn’t he?

  2. Yeah, and just a all-round genuinely good guy. I really hope that this story is overstating the seriousness of his condition.

  3. Trawling Google news, I learn that the report of Mr. Batters’ situation dates from yesterday. He was hospitalised on July 1–nine days ago.

    It almost looks as though it’s shrouded in secrecy.

    Let’s hope it’s not another Benoit Valcourt situation.

  4. Easily one of the coolest Tory MPs. Very likeable guy. Good luck to him.

  5. I hope he has a quick recovery.

  6. I too offer best wishes and speedy recovery. Hospitals Suck! Big Time!

  7. With “old friends” like you… who needs to be kicked when they’re down?

  8. My “old friends” post is orphaned by the removal of “old friend”‘s truly abysmal attempt at a sleight of hand slight.

  9. Why is he one of your favourite MPs? I lived in his riding until last year and the man did not seem to do much. He never saw him at any functions. The only time he was in the news was to defend the Conservative line (and this was extremely rare). Also, in my limited search of Hansard, he appears to have been pretty silent.

    I agree with the sentiment that being in hospital sucks, and I hope that he has a full recovery.

  10. He’s one of the few backbenchers who doesn’t scurry down a hallway in terror if he runs into me – or any other reporter – in the hall.

    I remember after a special Saturday caucus last fall – and I can’t for the life of me remember *why* they held a Saturday caucus, but there you have it – every single MP snuck out the back door to avoid the throng of media lurking outside the main entrance. A few minutes later, though, who should come striding down the hall but Dave Batters. Not only that, but he stopped to chat for a bit – I was the only reporter left at that point – despite the fact that the gimlet eye of PVL was upon him.

    Oh, and he was only too happy to let my friend Kate and I play football with him and a few other MPs during last year’s garden party at the Speaker’s place, even though we were wearing highly inappropriate footwear and insisted on drinking wine throughout the game.

  11. reports are Batters has committed suicide

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