‘We’re not any further ahead than we were’


Maher Arar’s lawyer laments for the directives issued to the RCMP and CSIS.

Ministerial instructions to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) leave the door open to the kind of information exchanges that led to Arar’s torture in Syria a decade ago, says Toronto lawyer Lorne Waldman.

“It’s extremely disappointing that after all of these years, and after all of the effort, we’re not any further ahead than we were,” Waldman said in an interview.

The New Democrats and Liberals registered their objections earlier this week.

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‘We’re not any further ahead than we were’

  1. “You may have heard my political opponents take the position that under
    no circumstances – even in a situation where thousands of lives could be
    at risk – should certain information that came into the possession of
    Canadian officials be used to save lives,” Toews wrote in two letters
    obtained by The Canadian Press.”

    Wow! Toews really is an idiot. He actually believes in the ticking bomb theory of counter terrorism mythology.

    • He is stealing his material from Dick Cheney.

    • It would interesting to know from whence (on what authority) Toews derives his counter-terrorism “theories”. The movies, perhaps? Or that ever-reliable source of infallible wisdom, “common sense”.

    • Similarly, those opponents also take the position that this same certain information should not be used to conjure unicorns with sugar-plum fairies dancing on their heads. The cads.

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