‘We’re not perfect’


A day after one of his mayors is reported to have mused on the best way to avoid access to information laws, Tony Clement manages to miss a scheduled appearance at an international conference on freedom of information.

Clement says the incident was a “mistake” and had nothing to do with recent controversies over his role in G8 infrastructure spending. “It never appeared on our schedule,” he said in a telephone interview late Wednesday, adding he would apologize to organizers on Thursday. “Obviously, we made a mistake — we’re not perfect. I’m going to have lots of people looking into this in the morning.”

Meanwhile, the interim auditor general has mused again that, in regards to the use of border infrastructure funds for G8 Legacy projects, “lawyers could have an interesting debate as to whether any laws were broken.”


‘We’re not perfect’

  1. Sounds to me like Wiersema’s made his stamps.

    and another one bites the dust.

  2. Tony is going to pay lots of people to look into his calendar malfunction.  I assume he is going to pay for lots and lots of people to look into his paper trail/ due diligence/ misrepresenting use of funds malfunction.  Obviously this is bad news for Tony, expect a tweet about how hard malfunctions are to deal with.

    On the positive side,  I understand that unemployment is about to plunge to zero for every resident of Muskoka with ties to either Tony or the mayor. 


    For anyone who would like to brighten their day, check out Tony’s web site. http://www.tonyclement.ca/  You will be met by a smiling Tony would looks like he has just pulled off the best practical joke ever, followed by a banner that reads…

    Ya know, Tony is just hipster enough that it might be irony intended.

  3. In my mind, Clement has become exhibit A on why Con government is craptacular. Clement is smarmy apparatchik, I wonder how many more years I will have to watch malevolent goblin. 

    How much stress do politicians create for rest of us? Are there any health studies that measure stress related health problems for people who pay attention to politics? I feel cursed to be political news addict and live with Canadian politics. 

    “I’m going to have lots of people looking into this in the morning.”

    PJ O’Rourke ~ One of the annoying things about believing in free will and individual responsibility is the difficulty of finding somebody to blame your problems on. And when you do find somebody, it’s remarkable how often his picture turns up on your driver’s license.

  4. Tony doesn’t have a desk in his office.  He thinks it stifles his out-of-the-box thinking.  Maybe if he had a desk and a desk calendar he would know what is on his schedule.

  5. Damn, there’s a gazebo joke here somewhere……

  6. Clement always makes me think of the Peter Principle:

    In every hierarchy, whether it be government or business, each employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence; every post tends to be filled by an employee incompetent to execute its duties. Corollaries: Incompetence knows no barriers of time or place. Work is accomplished by those employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence. If at first you don’t succeed, try something else.

    • Your comment, while accurate in general, implies that Tony Clement is not accomplishing what he intends to. I believe that to be an error.

  7. Re Wherry’s post:   I didn’t realize that Tony Clement collected Mayors for a hobby.   Who knew?

  8. Tony Clement increasingly resembles Dwight Schrute

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