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‘What an honour it was’


Michael Ignatieff takes his leave.

“The only thing, really, to say is this: Everybody always tells you how tough a game politics is and how brutal it is. What they don’t say enough is how incredibly good the Canadian people are to you even when they don’t vote for you … And, as we take our leave of politics, I just want to express my enormous gratitude to all the people we met as we went along the road, their kindness, their civility, their sense of humour,” he said. “It was a privilege to serve the Canadian people and we leave politics with a sense of what a privilege it was and what an honour it was.”


‘What an honour it was’

  1. An extremely gracious leave-taking, considering….

    • …how many of his fellow Canadians weren’t glad to see his return, and were equally joyful upon his departure.

      • Well since he’s always been a Canadian, he didn’t ‘return’….and he hasn’t ‘departed’, so I have no idea why you think anyone would have been ‘joyful’ about any of it.

        In fact we should be ashamed we treated a fellow-Canadian so badly

  2. @Iggy is a class act. Thanks for your service.

  3. What’s with the “we”?

    • I think it’s his wife.

      • It’s the Royal “We”. Always capitalized. And don’t you dare forget, peasant.

  4. History, the non-Sunmedia version, will be much kinder to Mr. Ignatieff’s foray into Canadian politics…

    • …as they seek to give him the traditional MSM Liberal tongue-bath.

  5. just can’t get over that “imperious third-person” presence thing, can he……….and people wonder why he didn’t connect with the “average Canadian”