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What are we doing in Honduras?


Steve Rennie looks at the circumstances surrounding the Prime Minister’s visit to Honduras, including mixed signals of a military exercise.

On Aug. 4, the National Congress of Honduras approved the entry of Canadian soldiers into the country to take part in a joint training exercise. The results of three votes on the matter were posted this past Monday on the National Congress’ website.

Canada’s Department of National Defence has not announced any training exercises in Honduras. The Prime Minister’s Office said it was unaware of any joint training exercise taking place.


What are we doing in Honduras?

  1. What are we doing in Honduras? We are letting our mining companies take advantage of the local population by destroying their lands and livelihoods.

    • Just because a mining company is headquartered in Canada doesn’t make it our mining company.  Just as corporations, being only virtual persons, are likely to be amoral, mining corporations have no loyalties except to their shareholders and have perhaps the greatest potential for environmental and social damage of any corporations.

      Poison-leaching tailings piles at abandoned mine sites around the world speak for themselves.

  2. Sounds more like a break down in communications.   Canada provides military and police training in many countries in the Americas.   We even run the police departments in several island countries, lol.

    “In what is one of the most drastic shake-ups in the top-brass of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force in recent memory, Commissioner of Police Edward Hall and Deputy Commissioner Hubert Hughes, will be replaced by two senior Canadian Police experts in March 2011.
    Coincidentally, a few months ago, Trinidad and Tobago replaced its local Commissioner and his deputy with a Canadian Dwayne Gibbs and a Canadian deputy Jack Ewatski.  Antigua also recently had a Canadian deputy Commissioner of Police

    This project demonstrates Canada’s commitment to addressing security challenges in our neighbourhood,” said Minister of State Kent. “Every investment Canada makes in the region helps to enhance security at home.”

  3. Maybe we can compromise and meet them halfway.
    At the School of the Americas.

  4. Where’s Laureen? I never saw her coming up and down the stairs of all those aircraft. If this was the US the media would report on that.