What are we going to do with all these prisoners?


While some worry that a change of wording may lead to more prisoner abuse, prison guards worry about overcrowding.

About 13 per cent of the male inmate population is “double-bunked” – housed in cells built for one person – and, under the new legislation, that will increase to 30 per cent (about 15,000 prisoners) before planned new construction is able to “provide relief,” added Sapers.

“Prison over-crowding undermines nearly everything that can be positive or useful about a correctional environment,” he said. “It is linked to increased levels of institutional violence, is a contributing factor to the spread of infectious disease and reduces already limited access to correctional programming and delays the safe and timely reintegration of offenders into the community.”


What are we going to do with all these prisoners?

  1. Sapers doesn’t seem to understand that the CPC doesn’t want anything positive in prisons. These people have sinned, dammit! They should experience hell. Never mind what it does to them or what it means for the rest of us when they get out.

    • Are you and OE1 joined at the hip or just two serial Harper Haters?

      • 60% of Canadians didn’t vote for Harper.

      • Toews argues that he’s not at all concerned about double bunking and the problems it creates because it just adds to the punishment factor.  He has no concern for the correctional officers, unfortunately.

  2. # 1  Stop putting people in prison that don’t belong there.

    • For example?

      • The mentally ill, people with lower than average IQs, 14 year old boys, pot-smokers…..

        • So what is to be done with murderers, etc. with lower than average IQ’s? Does Canada really jail 14 year old boys?

          • If public safety is at risk, they should be put in places where they can’t do any harm, but not ‘punished’ for something they don’t understand.  We used to have institutions for the criminally insane for the violently mentally ill.

            Yes, we have put 14 years old in jail…we even tried to execute Stephen Truscott.  I believe Cons want to make the age even lower than that.

          • I think that such young ones committ murder and serious offences like that, they do not need to go to a jail, but has to be met with some where safe, out of society for a bit, and serious intervention does on these youths who are committing such offenses, jail is not the answer, they will not get the proper need help there, but there has to be a place for them away from the public till they get serious help, then additional help to intergrade back society, they have obviously committed these acts for very serious reasons!! so it should be looked into at another angle besides jail! take Cody Alan Legebokoff….comes from a very well adjusted family, (read about him online) he was a good kid his family reported, showed no signs of any distress, very well liked and popular by his peers, excelled in sports, no problems with anyone as it was reported, everyone liked him…then he began his killing spree at age 19 (now 21) so how does a well raised child, teen who is loved so much decide to go on a killing spree? how does that happen with him? what made him do that? he is charged with first degree murder on his one victim, and is going to court for the other three they supsect him killing, so what the hell happened with him to turn him into such a killer, when his family and friends said he ws a great kid, happy, displayed no signs of depression or any questionable behavior? they will throw him in jail for the rest of his life, then that is it? are they going to try and get inside him and see what made him turn to an ugly killer? where is his intervention going to happen?

        • …people with clinically verifiable fetal alcohol syndrome.

          • Yup, agreed.

          • Sorry folks, I have checked out of this conversation. which is has become inane to say the least.

          • @senorito

            Well that will improve the conversation right there.

  3. Oh for gawd’s sake Aaron, you are cherry-picking again.  Of course Elizabeth Fry and Sapers “penitentiary watchdog’ are against any changes.  The correctional guards are being given a little more power to deal with the really bad eggs.
    Toews has said over and over that mental illness and drug abuse will be addressed.  Mental illness is supposed to be a provincial health issue. 
    “A Winnipeg doctor says he hopes all inmates will be screened for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder as a matter of course within the next five years, just in time for an expected spike in the country’s prison population.

    Dr. Albert Chudley, a top FASD expert, says a screening checklist first pioneered several years ago in Manitoba’s Stony Mountain Institution is about to be tested again at an unnamed women’s prison in Eastern Canada. It’s already being evaluated at a prison in the Yukon.

    If the tool works, if it helps pick out inmates who may suffer from FASD, Chudley hopes it will become standard procedure in every prison in the country in the next few years.

    Speaking this week at a meeting of the Manitoba Criminal Justice Association, Chudley said proper screening could help reduce the number of repeat offenders by getting people with FASD the help they need before and after they’re incarcerated.

    It could finally count the number of people in prison with FASD. So far, researchers only have hints.

    Chudley’s research at Stony Mountain estimated that as many as 17 per cent of inmates have some level of brain damage caused by alcohol exposure in the womb. That research helped validate a short FASD checklist prison staff can use to find out about an inmate’s behavioural patterns, history and the possibility his mother drank while pregnant. Most of the inmates screened by the checklist were ultimately diagnosed with FASD.”

    • Here’s a thought – target  serious resources for treating FASD in childhood when it first shows up.Or at least put some effort into treating juvenile offenders, where they show up in large numbers..  But no, let’s wait until these people end up in prison and then we’ll get serious about the problem. 

        Here is the suggestion from a friend who is a social worker in Regina – get the girls on birth control at the first sign of alcohol use.  Of course this would appear politically incorrect but it comes from someone who has been in the trenches for years and is Cree.
        Did a lot of fund raising with the Lion’s Club for FASD years ago – horrible – most cannot be ‘fixed’ as it is brain damage.

        • You gonna force feed em areya?

        • Why not simply sterilize them and save on the meds?  Eugenics isn’t all bad.

          • That is a disgusting thing to say – shame on you!!

          • Same as what you said….which is why Patchouli was mocking it.

          • you simply cannot sterilize people, that is going against their humanity!! and it is wrong, start doing that where does it end to human rights?! they are not animals you take to SPCa and get fixed!!

          • there is always reasons behind someone’s addictions, you do not know their story that made them an addict to either drugs or alcohol, something happened to them to make them that way, and i am sure most of the stories are sad ones as to why they became that way.

    • Then we don’t need more prisons..

      • The mayor disagrees (from above link):

        “Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz, offered a different point of view. He said his city has had 34 homicides this year, including 11 allegedly committed by young offenders.

        “The revolving door of justice has to close,” he said.”

        • So some businessman/ politician doesn’t do his job and then blames a lack of prisons?

          And you buy this?

  4. Maybe sharing a room with someone compatible could be beneficial, providing they could spend most of the day outside the cell.

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