What crisis?


Bill Curry notes that the government’s own expert analysis found no impending crisis.

Edward Whitehouse – who researches pension policy on behalf of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the World Bank – was asked by Ottawa to study and report on how Canada stacks up internationally when it comes to pensions.

His conclusion: “The analysis suggests that Canada does not face major challenges of financial sustainability with its public pension schemes,” and “there is no pressing financial or fiscal need to increase pension ages in the foreseeable future.”

Mr. Whitehouse’s full report is here. His testimony before the finance committee is here. That committee’s final report on the “retirement income security of Canadians” is here.


What crisis?

  1. Did Mr. Harper use the word “crisis”?  Anyone have a direct quote?

      • Thanks for the link.  He didn’t use the word crisis.  Wherry and the rest of the media wing of the Liberal party are full of excrement, as usual.

        • Twice. “Faced with the worst global economic crisis since the 1930s….” and
          “Is it a coincidence that as the veil falls on the financial crisis….”

        • And then there’s the plural “As I said earlier, one of the backdrops for my concerns is Canada’s
          ageing population. If not addressed promptly this has the capacity to
          undermine Canada’s economic position, and for that matter, that of all
          western nations, well beyond the current economic crises.” and
          “And, as we all know, both from the global crises….”

          That’s 4 times in total.

          • And not once in reference to either OAS or pensions.  He is referring to the global economic crisis in each and every case.   

          • He’s using the word to rationalize his actions.

          • Once again, when faced with logic and truth the liberal goes off on a rationalizing tangent.

          • Cons are very literal, at least when they want to be.

            Harp goes all the way to Switzerland to make a speech in which he tosses around words like ‘pensions’, ‘aging’, ‘crisis’….and points out we don’t want to be like Europe….[I’m surprised he didn’t throw the mythical Greek hairdresser into it for emphasis]

            But if he didn’t actually literally say ‘I’m going to cut your pensions and leave you to starve on the street corner’….why then he said nothing at all.

            So while the whole country heard him say it….he didn’t. See? Simple as that.

            Next up they’ll be telling us he probably wasn’t even in Switzerland giving this throne speech….it’s all snowy, coulda been Ottawa…so how would we know?  LOL

            It’s Bart Simpson messaging….’I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, there’s no way you can prove anything!’

          • Well Calvin, I ain’t a Liberal (or an NDP for that matter). Harpo is the one talking about there being a crisis. He said 4 times in his speech at Davos. In fact, he said that there wasn’t just a crisis but that there were many – a crises fest as it were. Then in the same speech he discussed the need to scale back Canada’s pensions. Why? Because of the crises.  It’s his inference, not mine!

        • To speak of changing our retirement income system at an international meeting without mentioning it in Canada beforehand is purposely creating a political crisis, IMO. We must give him that:  Harper is very good at creating political crises.

          • You know, back in the dark days of Liberal government we conservatives didn’t have to make stuff up to attack Chretien and Martin.  Between Adscam and assaulting protesters and firing bank presidents who wouldn’t give shady loans, there was plenty of material with which to work.  Harper must be the greatest politician of all time if his detractors have to make stuff up in order to take shots at him.

          • What do you mean make stuff up?  Harper did speak of changing our retirement income system at an international meeting without mentioning it in Canada beforehand. Read the speech! 

            And no one has made up the gazebo.  The thing stands, tall and proud.

          • You’re right. Harper is a god, he can do no wrong and anyone that goes against him is an enemy of the state.

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